Status of a Woman


There is an extreme manifestation of unequal social relations between men and women within the family and the economy. The state fails to transform the existing social relations based on dependence, oppression and exploitation. Socio economic arrangements of sex / gender based disparity are reflected in lower wages for women, their under reporting in the labour force and the disadvantaged position of women in health and education. The constitution of India declared the equality of sex as a guiding principle. As such family should be basically an egalitarian unit founded on equal rights of the individuals who form a family. The subordination of women to men pervades family life in all classes and castes in India.


A study on the status of women in Indian history is a difficult task for several reasons. The idea of better status for Indian women has been slowly evolving, through social and religious reforms and change. It had several ups and downs. In fact, the real emancipation of women began with education, occupational mobility, diversification of their roles, changes in child marriage, widow remarriage, sati and

Empowerment of Women in India

Women empowerment in India is a challenging task as we need to acknowledge the fact that gender based discrimination is a deep rooted social malice practiced in India in many forms since thousands of years. The malice is not going to go away in a few years or for that matter by attempting to work at it through half-hearted attempts. Formulating laws and policies are not enough as it is seen that most of the times these laws and policies just remain on paper. The ground situation on the other hand just remains the same and in many instances worsens further. Addressing the malice of gender discrimination and women empowerment in India is long drawn battle against powerful structural forces of the society which are against women’s growth and development.

Women empowerment in India: The need for ground level actions

We have to accept the fact that things are not going to change overnight but because of this we cannot stop taking action either. At this juncture the most important step is to initiate ground level actions however small it

Women Net-Savvy

Did you know that most planets rotate anticlockwise, while Venus rotates clockwise? Somehow this may explain why women are more correct, more logical, more pragmatic, more sensual, more aware, and more social than their male counterparts (who are, let us say, simple domesticated pets). Women have always been trendsetters and have always shown the way, even in typical male bastions like hunting and war (lionesses hunt the best; and is not every war so far recorded in history somewhere linked to a woman?) Elementary then, to surmise that women always work towards individual progress on the micro level and towards human progress as a whole on the macro level. Her role in this tech-savvy Internet age is no exception. According to the The Boston Consulting Group more than 57% of online women are traversing the cyberspace for at least more than a year, with the advanced users logging in for more than six years.

The number of female web surfers grow faster than the overall Internet population, according to Neilsen//NetRatings. Females accounted for 52 percent or 55.0 million Internet users at home with a growth rate of 9 percent.

Can Women Have Rights in Islam?

I know that by saying this many eyebrows will be raised: Islam is a modern religion with the aim of emancipation. Yes, I know, looking at the Burka of Afghan women, looking at the hijab of Iranian women, reading that FGC is mostly done in the Islamic countries of Africa, reading how poorly women in Islamic countries are treated does not really prove my point. But give me a chance to explain my point without stopping to read my paper, and I am sure that at the end of this you will understand my statement.

Since it would be too broad to consider all the Islamic countries, I will concentrate on Iran as a sample and compare it to some other Islamic countries when necessary.
Before the islamization of Persia, Persians were mainly Zoroastrians. Women had numerous rights: right to divorce, right to own real property, right of leadership etc. I could go on and on. The other Middle Eastern countries did not have any of those rights. Women were seen as “birth-machines” for male production only. Now, do not ask me how they imagined future reproduction without girls!

Islam came from Saudi Arabia, a country

What Kills Women?

Many individuals still believe that the most deadly disease among women is breast cancer, not cardiovascular disease. This article discusses how this myth developed. In addition it discusses which women are at greater risk for breast cancer, and for cardiovascular disease and why? It also discusses In the case of cardiovascular disease why women have poorer health outcomes than men. The primary, secondary, and tertiary preventions implemented for breast cancer and cardiovascular disease and their effectiveness are also discussed.

Women are at a greater risk of dying from heart disease as compared to other disease, including breast cancer. Still, many view heart disease as a middle age man’s disease. This myth developed because heart disease has been seen as a man’s disease and breast cancer as a women’s. There was insufficient research in the area of heart disease to find out that women express heart disease differently than men (Condon, 2004). Initially, research was conducted on men due to their greater accessibility. For example, heart disease has different symptoms in men and women. Men experience an aching pain, whereas women may experience a dull pain, dizziness, sickness, shortness of breath, or sweatiness, which resembles anxiety or stress

Women empowerment

Women empowerment programmes need a holistic approach so that rather than focusing on just one symptom problem we focus on a wide range of issues which are closely associated with women’s marginalization and discrimination. Addressing these issues in an integrated manner will help us to find a wholesome solution towards total empowerment of women in all respects.

We very well know that women have always been marginalized and relegated to the status of subjugated class in the society. This has been happening from thousands of years now. The legacy of discrimination and oppression of women is seen in the economic system, culture and social norms and political systems around the world. Gender equality and women’s empowerment need action at the government and legal level where repealing of discriminatory laws and passing of new laws needs to be done to give genuine equal rights to women. Further empowering women economically, socially and politically should be a priority. Above all aggressive mass movements, mobilizations and campaigns are needed towards creating awareness and ending woman abuse and transforming gender relations.

Women empowerment programmes: Empowerment through multiple channels

So the key lies in women empowerment through economic self-sufficiency

6 Problems Most Men Pursue Women and Exactly How to Solve it

Dear Friend,

Do you want to know something I find very interesting?

A lot of guys do things that actually repel the women they’re interested in dating or getting into a relationship with.

Hard to believe?

Well, it’s true. They do.

And what’s worse?

They do this with every single “new woman” that comes into their life over and over again… every… single… time.

So the question, my friend, then is:

Why do they do this?

I mean, if they want a certain woman, why would they do things that would “push her away”?

Why wouldn’t they do the “right things” from the very beginning so a woman would immediately be interested in getting together with them?

These are great questions.

After all, that would only make logical sense, right?

But THAT is the strangest part about it…

They do things that repel women because they simply DON’T realize they’re doing it – so they CAN’T help it!

And if you’ve ever tried getting a woman to go out with you or become your girlfriend but things just “didn’t work out”, what you’re

Hindu woman

Women in Hinduism have a rich past. In ancient India, women were treated equal to men and in fact they were considered superior to men in many aspects. It is indeed remarkable to note that the word for strength, virility and power in Hindu culture is represented by the feminine “Shakti”. Shakti is the all prevailing universal manifestation of the feminine and she is worshiped as the goddess of strength, valour and power in Hinduism. All male power is said to be derived from this universal power and strength of the feminine principle. As per Hindu Mythology and literature kings and towns were completely destroyed because a single woman was wronged by the state or the people in power. Examples are Ravana in the epic called Ramayana and the Kauravas in Mahabharatha.

Women in Hinduism: Role of women in ancient Hinduism

The ancient history and the origins of Hinduism can be traced from the Vedic times. This was a golden period when women and men had equal rights in all aspects of life including education and religion. There were great women scholars who mastered the Vedas and in fact the creation of the Vedas itself

Christian women

“Women in Christianity” is a vast and complex subject with multiple dimensions as Christianity is one of the largest religions in the world practiced in different societies and cultures around the world. When we deal with the subject of “Women in Christianity” we need to understand that Christianity as that exists today is a mix of different denominations with Catholics and Protestants being the principle denominations. Further it would be prudent to delve into the history of Christianity to understand the role of women in this religion. In early Christianity there was no separate roles prescribed for men and women and women were not distinguished separately from men. This was despite the fact that the society in West Asia at that time was highly patriarchal in nature.

Women in Christianity: The early Christian prophets

From West Asia, Christianity spread to ancient Greece and Rome which were purely patriarchal societies. In these societies women and children were thought of as assets or possessions held by the head of the family. Men and Women were distinguished separately in this kind of set up and women were generally considered inferior to men. During these times Christians believed that the

Women Invisible Depression Great

During the Great Depression, women made up 25% of the work force, but their jobs were more unstable, temporary or seasonal then men, and the unemployment rate was much greater. There was also a decided bias and cultural view that “women didn’t work” and in fact many who were employed full time often called themselves “homemakers.” Neither men in the workforce, the unions, nor any branch of government were ready to accept the reality of working women, and this bias caused females intense hardship during the Great Depression.

The 1930’s was particularly hard on single, divorced or widowed women, but it was harder still on women who weren’t White. Women of color had to overcome both sexual and racial stereotyping. Black women in the North suffered an astounding 42.9% unemployment, while 23.2%. of White women were without work according to the 1937 census. In the South, both Black and White women were equally unemployed at 26%. In contrast, the unemployment rate for Black and White men in the North (38.9%/18.1%) and South (18%/16% respectively) were also lower than female counterparts.

The financial situation in Harlem was bleak even before the Great Depression. But afterward, the emerging

New Calls to Act for Women and Entrepreneurs

Here’s a news flash: Women are poised to surpass men on the nation’s payrolls for the first time in American history. According to a recent report by the New York Times, four out of five jobs lost in the current U.S. recession belong to men-a consequence of the surge in layoffs within distressed, male-dominated industries, such as manufacturing and construction. This emerging workplace trend may ultimately be a momentous boon to women-shifting their power and influence, both at home and on the job. It also represents a new call to action for women-and employers.

Another news report offered a different take: “Jobs of 22 Million Women Threatened by Global Financial Crisis,” says the International Labor Organization, as conveyed by the Bureau of National Affairs (BNA) in the March 16 issue of its Human Resources Report. In a report issued in advance of International Women’s Day on March 8, the United Nations agency said the global unemployment rate for women could reach 7.4 percent in 2009, compared with 7 percent for men. This trend also serves as a wake-up call for women as employers face difficult decisions about workforce reductions-causing women to work even harder to “make

What Every Woman Needs to Know Before They Died

Women in America have made tremendous strides in improving their overall financial outlook and closing the income gap with men. During the last two decades, many women have become better educated and more self reliant regarding their financial future than their mother’s would ever dream. For example “Today there one third more women graduating from college than men, with sixty percent of women with business degrees out earning their husbands”. Also the number of women earning $100,000 or more per year has quadrupled in the last decade.

Although women’s incomes and economic power have increased steadily over the years, women face many unique challenges when it comes to planning for their financial future. Women must be cognizant of the set of circumstances which set them apart from other Americans as they attempt to capitalize on their economic potential and secure their financial future.

Increased Longevity

One distinctive and sometimes overlooked characteristic of American women is the differences in life expectancy between men and women. Typically, women can expect to live an average of seven years longer than men. According to US Census data, males born in the US in 1982 are expected to live 70.8

The Battle of Sex in the Modern World

The war between the sexes has become a stalemate. Men had been on the offensive by wielding most of the power in relationships for thousands of years, but women had been turning the tide back over the last forty. The result? Now, the two armies have stopped moving. They have completely separated from each other, sitting motionless while staring at each other across a no-man’s land of loneliness and broken hearts.

How do I know this? I read the headlines.

A majority of marriageable women are living without husbands. An increasing number of single women are purchasing homes by themselves. The total number of single Americans is also growing. More men say they never want to get married. In Britain, there are more single men than unattached women. Hundreds of websites offer advice for singles ranging from picking up a one-night stand to finding the love of one’s life.

More and more dating websites exist for those who are unable to find a partner. (In business parlance, the size of the market is increasing.) There are dozens of blogs on dating on just this one list. Teenagers, college students, and recent graduates are hooking-up rather

7 Mistakes of Men to Women

Finding a mate is one of the most fundamental aspects of life, but it is also a problem many people struggle with. Here are the ten biggest mistakes men make with women.

1. Pursuing women.

Most guys will try all kind of things to get women, such as subtly hanging around a cute girl, walking across the bar to talk to a hot girl, trying to be funny and interesting enough to keep a girl’s attention, trying to get a girl’s phone number, or simply wishing to be with the girl next to them.

The problem with all these approaches is that these men are pursuing women. Pursuing women mentally is as bad as pursuing them physically. No matter how you look at it, women are the ones who decide who they let inside. They look for a man who walks his own path in life, who is centered in his own reality, and who is not thrown off-balance around her. When you pursue a woman, you are being reactive to her and you are not being yourself, and that’s not attractive. Stop trying to get women, but let them join you in your life.

The right of american women

This article will discuss women’s rights in America, the ways in which discrimination against women has changed over time, and how women’s rights have expanded in ways never conceivably possible in the past. What this article will evaluate is whether or not the rights granted to women are enforced or if women are still not treated completely equal. It is the purpose of this evaluation to present the way in which these laws against discrimination have been enforced and implemented.

There are two aspects in which one can evaluate this. One such way is through the popular wheel meaning the constitutional amendments that provided these rights, what circumstances lead to these rights and why they were implemented when they were, and the second is judicial power and how it played a major role in the future of women’s rights especially through privacy and abortion laws. This topic serves particular importance when looking at contemporary society and the function of women. Although it is true that women do have much more political power than ever before, and more positions in the job market, there are many hardships and struggles that women must overcome in reaching such positions, struggles

Forget About Women’s Liberation

Women command a large number of world population, yet it’s very hard to find a nation whose government will come up boldly to say that they have more women in their nation than men. Take a look at the record of birth in any community, the number of female children tend to outnumber that of their male counterparts. In every angle you look, you see women in their great numbers – schools, Churches, armed forces, markets, playgrounds/beaches, offices, hospitals, etc. Women have taken up some challenging roles and performed better in certain offices than the men themselves. In the field of medicine and engineering, women thrive and as such, are looking up to seizing political powers, yet it is a wonder that many people come up in our generation to complain about the ill-treatment of women. Women themselves were later forced by the prevailing situation to delve into a struggle that is enshrined in malice.

The Bible said a lot about women. It gave a down-to-earth story of how she came to be, the challenges before her and her future reward as a mother. Jesus Himself regarded and treated women with respect. After observing the actions of

Owner of Small Business Women

In 2008, I won a Sams Club Entrepreneurship award through the Count Me In program. Part of the award package included free attendance to the Count Me In Leadership Institute at the Office Depot headquarters in Boca Raton last year. I heard Nell Merlino, Executive Director of the Count Me In program, speak about the need for women owned small businesses to hire.

This year, there have been several articles published related to this topic:

(1) The Work Life Balancing Act, Cindy Krischer Goodman, Miami Herald, September 29, 2009
(2) Women Business Owners: It’s time to be called ‘boss’ by Rhonda Abrams, USA Today, March 12, 2010
(3) Want to Grow, Hire Some Help by Eve Gumpel, WomenEntrepreneur, March 15, 2010
(4) Why are Women-Owned Firms Smaller Than Men-Owned Ones by Sharon G. Hadary, The Wall Street Journal, May 17, 2010
(5) Nell Merlino on What Holds Women Entrepreneurs Back by Karen E. Klein, Bloomberg Businessweek, July 2, 2010

However, I have yet to read and learn what is at the core of the problem. Why are women small business owners less reluctant to hire than men? What is it about us? I think if

Issues of Christian Life and Women

As an effect of sin, humans are deeply driven toward autonomy, preferring to live independent of God’s authority instead of within the shelter of his divine sovereignty. This is the temptation to which Eve would surrender. Instead of a life dependent on God, she evaluated on the basis of her self-appointed authority that the fruit of the forbidden tree was beautiful and an acceptable source for knowledge and sustenance. God was no longer necessary in her new view of the world because she chose instead to believe the twisted words of the serpent, that she could “be like God” (Gen 3:5). She quickly dismissed the distinction between herself, the created, and the Creator.

When faced with difficult life circumstances, we are called to submit to God’s wisdom and authority and recognize our own insufficiency. It is true that scripture does not provide explicit answers for each and every situation, so while God’s normative method of self-disclosure is not through audible voice, studying God’s word is necessary to develop a biblical worldview that will enable godly reflection in the absence of obvious solutions. Trusting God in the midst of any degree of crisis is probably one of the

10 Good Ways to Meet Women

These tips are designed to get you to think about the whole meeting women process in a different way than you probably do now.

I do include places to meet women but also internal things for you to work on so that you are READY to meet good women.

1: Be YOUR best
Be in the top shape you can be, dress in a stylish manner, make sure you are groomed well and take care of your smile. You can be the greatest guy in the world but your mismatched pants and socks combined with dirt under your nails will turn her off.

2: Go online young man
Dating Web sites can be great. Make sure to put up 2 photos. One will be in business clothing and the other will be casual. Get a professional to do them. Do not write a book about yourself. Just say that you are looking for a self-reliant woman to laugh with over coffee.

3: Develop your sense of humor
Women want to have FUN and LAUGH so they love a guy with a sense of humor. Think you cannot do it? Think again. You are not