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Women empowerment

Women empowerment programmes need a holistic approach so that rather than focusing on just one symptom problem we focus on a wide range of issues which are closely associated with women’s marginalization and discrimination. Addressing these issues in an integrated manner will help us to find a wholesome solution towards total empowerment of women in all respects.

We very well know that women have always been marginalized and relegated to the status of subjugated class in the society. This has been happening from thousands of years now. The legacy of discrimination and oppression of women is seen in the economic system, culture and social norms and political systems around the world. Gender equality and women’s empowerment need action at the government and legal level where repealing of discriminatory laws and passing of new laws needs to be done to give genuine equal rights to women. Further empowering women economically, socially and politically should be a priority. Above all aggressive mass movements, mobilizations and campaigns are needed towards creating awareness and ending woman abuse and transforming gender relations.

Women empowerment programmes: Empowerment through multiple channels

So the key lies in women empowerment through economic self-sufficiency and higher awareness levels on social, political and legal issues through mobilization. There is also a need to recognize and emphasize the diverse roles of women such as reproductive, productive and community management. The contribution of women towards the growth and development of the society has to be highlighted and emphasised through various means and medium.

Women empowerment programmes: Empowerment of women at the grass root level

In fact true and real women empowerment can only take place when women are organized and strengthened at the grass root level. The women’s movement and a wide-spread network of social Organisations which have strong grass-roots presence and deep insight into women’s concerns have contributed in inspiring initiatives for the empowerment of women and their role becomes even more important today and in the days to come because of the various forms of direct and indirect discrimination against women that still exist in the society.

Women Empowerment Programmes: The holistic Goals and Objectives of total women empowerment:

1. Advancement and development of women in every walk of life.

2. Creating an environment through positive economic and social policies for development of women and realization of their full potential.

3. The enjoyment of all human rights and fundamental freedom by women on equal basis with men in all spheres of life that is political, economic, social, cultural and civil.

4. Equal access to participation and decision making of women in social, political and economic life of the nation and the world.

5. Equal access to women to health care, quality education at all levels, career and vocational guidance, employment, equal remuneration, occupational health and safety, social security and public office etc.

6. Strengthening legal systems aimed at elimination of all forms of discrimination against women.

7. Changing discriminatory societal attitudes and community practices by active participation and involvement of both men and women.

8. Mainstreaming a gender perspective in the development process.

9. Elimination of discrimination and all forms of violence against women and the girl child; and

10. Building and strengthening partnerships with civil society, particularly women’s organizations.

Women empowerment programmes: Gender perspective

Further for total women empowerment programmes we need mainstreaming of a Gender Perspective in the Development Process of the nation and the world. In this regard the following below mentioned topics and issues become paramount in terms of understanding and execution at various levels:

1. Economic Empowerment of women-This includes issues like Poverty Eradication, Micro Credit, Women and Economy, Globalization, Women and Agriculture, Women and Industry & Support Services

2. Social Empowerment of Women- This includes issues like Education, Health, Nutrition, Drinking Water and Sanitation, Housing and Shelter, Environment & Science and Technology

3. Women in Difficult Circumstances-This includes issues like Violence against women, Rights of the Girl Child & Mass Media

Women empowerment programmes: Gender disparity and gender discrimination

Gender disparity manifests itself in various forms, the most obvious being the trend of continuously declining female ratio in the population in the last few decades in India. Social stereotyping and violence at the domestic and societal levels are some of the other manifestations of discrimination against women that can be seen in one or the other way in most parts of the world.

Women empowerment programmes: Life of dependence

Most importantly we need to recognize the fact that women are still economically very weak and majority of them are forced to live an existence of economic dependence across the world. Therefore conception and execution of total women empowerment programmes at every level and at every sphere of life is a must.

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This site envisions the rise of womanhood in true sense that is the rise of the “essence” of womanhood in the physical, mental, intellectual and the spiritual planes. It calls for the beginning of a campaign for the true rise of women in all spheres of life for the restoration of the balance in nature.

Somewhere we have to make a beginning and it’s always better if we make the initiation at our own self. We can strengthen this mass movement for the “rise of womanhood” by bringing about the necessary changes in our own life as felt by our inner self. Further we can transmit the new thinking to others who care to listen. A small step today will definitely lead to a giant leap tomorrow.

Empowerment of Women in India

Women empowerment in India is a challenging task as we need to acknowledge the fact that gender based discrimination is a deep rooted social malice practiced in India in many forms since thousands of years. The malice is not going to go away in a few years or for that matter by attempting to work at it through half-hearted attempts. Formulating laws and policies are not enough as it is seen that most of the times these laws and policies just remain on paper. The ground situation on the other hand just remains the same and in many instances worsens further. Addressing the malice of gender discrimination and women empowerment in India is long drawn battle against powerful structural forces of the society which are against women’s growth and development.

Women empowerment in India: The need for ground level actions

We have to accept the fact that things are not going to change overnight but because of this we cannot stop taking action either. At this juncture the most important step is to initiate ground level actions however small it might seem. The ground level actions should be focussed towards changing the social attitude and practices prevalent in the society which are highly biased against women. This can be initiated by working with the women at the root level and focusing on increasing women’s access and control over resources and increasing their control over decision making. Further working on the aspect of enhanced mobility and social interaction of women in the society would positively influence all round development and empowerment of women in India.

Women empowerment in India: Reality check at the ground level

Today there are lot of things that is happening in the name of women empowerment in India and lot of resources are spent in this direction. Keeping this in mind it is crucial to have a reality check on what is happening on paper and what is the actual ground situation. It is worthwhile to ponder on the fact that we are one of the worst in terms of worldwide gender equality rankings. In India women are discriminated and marginalized at every level of the society whether it is social participation, economic opportunity and economic participation, political participation, access to education or access to nutrition and reproductive health care. A significant few in the society still consider women as sex objects. Gender disparity is high, crimes against women are increasing and violence against women is all time high and in most cases go unreported. Dowry related problems and death is increasing and is profoundly manifesting in the urban population. Workplace harassment of women is another phenomenon which is rapidly increasing as more women join the workforce. Early age marriages are still taking place in large numbers and the number of girls going to school is abysmally low. Moreover majority of the girls who join the school drop out by the age of puberty to get married and live a life of drudgery. Female feticide and infanticide is starring the nation as one of the biggest social crisis. All this is happening despite the fact that there are number of programmes and policy initiatives that is being run by the government and other bodies. The year 2001 was declared as the National policy for empowerment of women. So it is time to ask the question whether we are moving in the right direction and where are we in terms of the paper actions and the actual ground realities.

Women empowerment in India: Discrimination against women in all walks of life

One of the major aspects of women empowerment in India is to change the attitude of society towards women. The problem in India is that the society never worked on the premise of gender equality from a long-long time. Atrocities and discrimination against women is a way of daily life in Indian society. There is an attitude which still prevails in India where women are considered to be only worthwhile of household activities and managing the children. The veil system, child marriage and dowry are testimonies to this truth. Women have never been part of the mainstream society in India and they are still considered as a great liability. If we just look at the sex ratio it will show the plight of women in India. It is the lowest at around 933. Female literacy is just 54.16 % as per 2001 Census. In Indian parliament and assemblies women have never represented more than 10%. Most of the women workers in India are outside the organized sector. Administrators, managers, professionals combined together and technical workers on the other hand are the lowest at 2.3% and 20 % respectively. Now these figures gives the real truth of the actual mentality of the society which has restricted women, marginalized women and discriminated against women quite openly. Can we achieve women empowerment in India with these alarming and dismal figures?

Women empowerment in India: Women not in control over their circumstances

As I mentioned before the government had declared 2001 as the women’s empowerment year but nothing much has happened even after that. Women even today are not able to exercise full control over their circumstances or actions. From a welfare society at the inception, India moved on to embrace the developmental model and now the latest fad is the empowerment model. But with all these initiatives however genuine they might have been or they are, nothing substantial has happened on the ground. Majority of Women in India are poor, uneducated and insufficiently trained. They often end up in the daily struggle of managing an ill equipped family and are not in a position to propel out themselves of the oppressive and regressive social and economic conditions. Female infanticide is one of the biggest crimes against humanity that is being carried out in India. The patriarchal system encourages a male child and considers women as a property or liability from the day she is born. We need to accept the truth that there is a great discrepancy in the ideology and the actual practice of empowerment policy in India. Everything is happening at a very superficial level and the time has come to find out an actionable path at the ground level for real and measurable change.

Women empowerment in India: Issues to be tackled

There are quite a large number of issues which need to be addressed to streamline the existing women empowerment programmes in India as well as initiating actual work at the ground level. Women make up to 52% of country’s population but their living conditions are very tough and torturous. To initiate measurable actions at ground level, education of women should be given top priority and female literacy programmes need to be enforced across the country. Further to improve the socioeconomic conditions women need to be trained and better equipped for taking informed decisions. The real change will be only visible when social attitudes and norms change. Here inclusive programmes involving the men are the need of the hour. This will be helpful for working out adjustments and sharing of gender based specific performance or tasks which are currently overburdening the women to no end. Unless we improve the ground level living standards of women in India we might not be able to influence their empowerment in any other possible way. Various issues that need to be addressed for improving overall conditions of the women in India include making access to affordable coking fuel for rural women, providing safe drinking water, sanitation, increasing decision making capacity among women, providing equal wages as that of men, ending their exploitation, improving the political participation of women, eradicating poverty among women, increasing the security of women who are engaged in agriculture as daily wage workers, providing affordable healthcare and nutrition and managing the risk of unwanted pregnancies, HIV infections and sexually transmitted diseases.

Women empowerment in India: Ending gender inequality and gender bias

It has to be understood that unless we change the basic social attitude which cultivates gender inequality and gender bias we would not be able to achieve much in terms of women empowerment in India. There are many laws and there have been many amendments that have been carried out to end the discrimination against women and empower women in all aspects of life. Gender equality is enshrined in Indian constitution and constitution empowers the state to end the gender based discrimination against women. There is reservation of seats in local bodies and municipalities and another law is being envisioned for reservation in parliament. But the sad part is that all these laws and amendments have become toothless as the fundamental problems lies in the attitude of the society which is highly biased against women. Now what is the solution? The only solution is for women to come together as a unifying force and initiate self empowering actions at the ground level. Let it happen even if it is at a slow pace initially but it must happen despite however small the initial steps might look like. So the connection is very clear. Once we work towards self empowerment through small number of infinite actions, we become aware of the ground realities and then we can think about taking further recourse towards changing the mindset of the society which fosters gender inequality and bias.

6 Problems Most Men Pursue Women and Exactly How to Solve it

Dear Friend,

Do you want to know something I find very interesting?

A lot of guys do things that actually repel the women they’re interested in dating or getting into a relationship with.

Hard to believe?

Well, it’s true. They do.

And what’s worse?

They do this with every single “new woman” that comes into their life over and over again… every… single… time.

So the question, my friend, then is:

Why do they do this?

I mean, if they want a certain woman, why would they do things that would “push her away”?

Why wouldn’t they do the “right things” from the very beginning so a woman would immediately be interested in getting together with them?

These are great questions.

After all, that would only make logical sense, right?

But THAT is the strangest part about it…

They do things that repel women because they simply DON’T realize they’re doing it – so they CAN’T help it!

And if you’ve ever tried getting a woman to go out with you or become your girlfriend but things just “didn’t work out”, what you’re about to learn will reveal the exact reasons why you’ve had these problems when “pursuing” a woman…

… and also show you EXACTLY how to solve them.

And the result?

You’ll start finding the women you meet in the future will be much more interested in you than they have been up until today.

So here they are:

PROBLEM #1: “I’m really nice to her but she doesn’t seem interested in me”

Okay, tell me if you can identify with this situation:

Let’s say you meet a woman who you find attractive – perhaps at work or through mutual friends. She seems really cool and you’d be interesting in pursuing “something” with her.

So what do you do?

How do you act and treat her when you’re around her?

Well, maybe you compliment her on how she looks by telling her how cute or beautiful she is.

Maybe you do “nice things” for her, like getting her a drink or holding her things for her while she goes to the restroom or something.

And maybe you give her your undivided attention by listening intently to everything she says, doing your best to understand her and where she’s coming from.

Basically, you are really “nice” to her. You know, you treat her like a true gentleman “should”.

Alright, here’s the pin that may burst your balloon:

Women are interested in guys who they feel attracted to. And doing all of these “nice things” doesn’t cause a woman to “feel that way” about you.

Just what does that mean?

Well, think about yourself… why do you become interested in certain women and not others?

Isn’t it because you find the ones you’re interested in attractive?

After all, isn’t that the ONLY difference between women you’d like to date and women who you just want as friends.

What if a woman was obese? Would you be interested in a “romantic relationship” with her?

Not likely.

Why not?

For the simple reason that you wouldn’t find her attractive.

Kind of obvious, I know

But look at it this way from a woman’s perspective:

By being “really nice” to women: by complimenting them a lot, going out of your way to do things for them, or doing them special favors, a woman will actually see you the SAME WAY as you do a very “fat” woman.

Being “too nice” is to women what “fat” is to us.


The first thing you NEED to do is stop being OVERLY nice to women. This doesn’t mean being mean. It just means that you stop treating them like they’re the center of the universe.

Stop treating them like they’re “special” or more important than anyone else… especially as more important than yourself!

Got it?


PROBLEM #2: “She says she has a boyfriend but I’m pretty sure she doesn’t”

Have you ever asked a woman for her phone number or asked if she’d like to go out with you sometime, but she said:

“I have a boyfriend.”

Or: “I don’t think my boyfriend would like that very much.”

Maybe she even brought up her boyfriend earlier in the conversation before you got the chance to ask her out.

That generally makes sense, right?

After all, why would a woman who’s already in a relationship want to go out with another guy?

But here’s the catch:

You were pretty sure she DIDN’T have a boyfriend. In fact, maybe you even KNEW she was single without a doubt.

So why would she tell you she had a boyfriend – when she didn’t?

Why would she “lie” about it?

Again, think about the situation from your perspective:

Let’s say a woman who you weren’t attracted to you asked you out. How would you respond? What would you say?

I mean, obviously you wouldn’t look at her in a “romantic way”, so you wouldn’t be interested in her in that way, right?

But would you tell her that directly?

Probably not.

After all, who wants to “reject” someone and hurt their feelings and then perhaps put themselves in a position to be blamed for it?

For wasn’t the REAL problem simply that there was NO attraction?

It’s not personal. Not really, anyway.

So women tell guys who they aren’t attracted to that they have a boyfriend to avoid getting into a “sticky situation” just like that.

She doesn’t mean to lie or be deceptive.

All it means is that she doesn’t find you attractive… which is okay.

Because you can change it…


Learn exactly what women find attractive in a man. Then make some changes so that women automatically become attracted to you.

For when you do that, women won’t tell you they have boyfriends when they don’t.

PROBLEM #3: “She gave me her number but it was the wrong one”

When this happens, isn’t there that “What if” factor?

You know, maybe you wrote it down wrong or maybe she made a mistake when she wrote it down for you. Or maybe you dialed it wrong… every time.

Could be, right?

Well, the honest truth is… not likely.

In fact, she probably gave you the wrong number on purpose.

But did she do it just be mean or cruel?


So why would she do it? What’s in it for her?

Well, as you’ve probably guessed by now…

If a woman gives you a wrong number, she probably wasn’t attracted to you, so she wouldn’t have been interested in going out with you.

And just like when a woman says she has a boyfriend even when she’s single, the reason is because she doesn’t want you to feel rejected by her saying “No” to you.

So instead, she just gives you a “fake number”.

That way she doesn’t have to deal with the situation and perhaps be seen as the “evil one” for rejecting a guy directly.


Again, as you probably guessed… the answer is to first BECOME more attractive to women (more on this in other articles).

For when you do, women will WANT TO give you their REAL numbers for the simple reason that they want to see you again… because they feel that “spark”.

PROBLEM #4: “She asked for my number but then she never called me”

If you’ve never gotten the “I have a boyfriend” excuse, maybe you’ve found yourself in this situation:

After meeting a woman and talking for awhile, you ask for her number.

And how does she respond?

Does she give it to you… or does she say:

“Well, why don’t you give me YOUR number.”

And what do you do?

Well, you probably give it to her. I mean, why not? Saves you any nervousness of calling her, right?

But then what happens?

Well, over the following days you probably sit around that phone, just waiting for her to call you.

Then one by one, the days pass by and you begin to doubt if she ever will.

And what ultimately happens in the end?


She doesn’t call… and maybe you never see her again.

But why didn’t she call you?

I mean, if she asked for your number, wouldn’t that mean that she wanted it? And if she wanted it, why wouldn’t she call?

Yeah, women don’t seem to make much sense, do they?

But how about if we were to look at it in a different way:

What if she wasn’t interested in the FIRST PLACE? And the only reason she asked for your number was because then she wouldn’t have to give you hers.

In fact, what if it was just an easy way for her to get out of another “sticky situation” she didn’t want to be in?



It’s a very simple one:

NEVER give a woman your number if she first “refuses” or avoids giving you hers.

PROBLEM #5: “I call her and ask her out on a date but she just gives me excuses”

Let me know if you’ve ever experienced this:

You want to take a woman out on a date, but every time you call to ask her out, for some strange reason, she never seems to have time to get together or it “falls through” at the very last minute.


I mean, if she wasn’t interested in you, why did she give you her number in the first place?

Is she just a really busy person?

Or is there something else going on behind the scenes here?

To answer that, it may help if we rewind a little bit and take a closer look at your phone conversation with her.

What did you say?

You know, you called her and probably made some small talk for a little while, then what?

Did you finally work up the nerve, and say:

“You know… ummm… I was wondering if maybe I could take you out tomorrow.”

And she said:

“Ummm… well… what did you have in mind?”

And you said:

“I don’t know. Just hang-out, I guess… what do you want to do?”

And what did she say?


“Oh! I forgot, I’m busy tomorrow.”


“Well, why don’t you call me tomorrow?”

Of course, the next day when you called her, no one answered or she wasn’t home.

So what’s going on here?

Well, she probably WAS interested in you… UNTIL you called her.

And the reason she changed was: you didn’t have a plan, which made you come off as unsure of yourself.

In fact, you were looking to her or asking her to setup the date YOU called about. And that doesn’t exactly make a woman want to go out with a guy.


Okay, you know how women want to be “swept off their feet”? Well, that essentially means that they want the man to plan everything ahead of time and lead the way… so all she has to do is follow and go along with it.


When you call for a date, tell her what you’re planning to do and instead of “asking her out”, just ask if she’d like to JOIN you.

It works wonders! Test it out for yourself next time.

PROBLEM #6: “I take her out to dinner and a movie but I don’t get a second date” Yeah, I love this one.

You know that song “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”?

Well the songwriter wasn’t lying… girls DO just want to have fun.

And guess what?

Honestly, from a woman’s perspective, dinner dates and movies are NOT fun. In fact, they’re generally pretty boring and drawn out. After all, they last over three hours!

Three FULL hours of complete boredom. “But hey! it’s better than staying at home alone,” she thinks.

I mean, think about it:

Why do women enjoy spending time with guys? Why do women seem to like dating “jerks”?

It’s really quite simple:

Hanging around these guys allows them to feel STRONG emotions!

And strong emotions equals FUN.

See, dinner dates and movies generally don’t create an environment where that’s possible.

Just think back to when you’ve taken a woman out to dinner, what did you talk about?

Did you exchange “life stories”?

Did you discuss movies? Current events? Politics? Religion?

Did you listen to her talk about some personal problems she’s experiencing in her life… or discuss the “difficult people” in her life?

Well, guess what?

Doing any of these things is going to BORE a woman. And if dinner lasts about an hour, that’s a WHOLE hour of boredom.

Then you come to the movie. And as much as I enjoy watching movies, you can do this by yourself… so guess what?

Unless you’re making out in the theatre, there’s no difference. She could do this by herself if she wanted to and it would generally be the same experience.

So after a date like this, how does a woman think about you?

Well, when she gets home, this is what’s running through her mind: “Wow, I just spend three hours with this guy, bored to tears – why would I even consider going out with him again?”

Of course, it’s not necessarily you – it’s the dinner and movie date approach.


Give her a reason on the first date to WANT to see you again!

By taking a woman out to dinners or movies, especially during the first month of dating, you’re not giving her a reason to want to go out with you again.

In fact, you’re doing the OPPOSITE.

So instead, take her somewhere that’s going to be fun. In other words, take her some place where both of you will be involved in DOING something, like bowling or mini-golfing for example.

Seriously, that’ll make a MUCH better impression than dinner and a movie.

And not only that, keep it short… anywhere between 20 and 45 minutes is perfect for a first date.

Hindu woman

Women in Hinduism have a rich past. In ancient India, women were treated equal to men and in fact they were considered superior to men in many aspects. It is indeed remarkable to note that the word for strength, virility and power in Hindu culture is represented by the feminine “Shakti”. Shakti is the all prevailing universal manifestation of the feminine and she is worshiped as the goddess of strength, valour and power in Hinduism. All male power is said to be derived from this universal power and strength of the feminine principle. As per Hindu Mythology and literature kings and towns were completely destroyed because a single woman was wronged by the state or the people in power. Examples are Ravana in the epic called Ramayana and the Kauravas in Mahabharatha.

Women in Hinduism: Role of women in ancient Hinduism

The ancient history and the origins of Hinduism can be traced from the Vedic times. This was a golden period when women and men had equal rights in all aspects of life including education and religion. There were great women scholars who mastered the Vedas and in fact the creation of the Vedas itself was a joint effort of women and men rishis. The Vedas and Upanishads the first and foremost sacred texts of Hinduism mention in detail various rituals involving women as well as the contributions of women scholars and philosophers of those times.

Women in Hinduism: The creation of caste sysetm and degradation of the status of women

Later history and the creation of the caste system in fact became the bane of Hinduism. Later texts like the Manusmriti which were created to enforce the brahmanical order systematically degraded the role of women in Hindu society. Texts like Manusmriti cannot match the sacred texts like the Vedas and Upanishads but still they had a deep impact on the society. It’s not that this and the similar kind of later texts which are together called the “smritis” are completely junk but we have to accept that it contained lot of rubbish as per the standards of today’s society. There is no second opinion on the fact that women faced most of the burnt from the thinking and practice based on these later texts. Women became subordinate to men, they were always to be in control of men either in the form of a father, husband, brother or son. They were barred from education and overt religious practices and their socio-cultural role was also diminished considerably in various ways. This was in fact very ironical because on one hand still the feminine and the women power was worshiped in the form of goddess but the actual social situation of women was far inferior and pathetic. Though many aspects of later Hinduism were not congenial to women, still as a ancient and old religion the strength of Hinduism was its ability to adopt and change according to the times and this ensured that despite quite a bit of negativity and discrimination women in Hinduism evolved and positively contributed to society for their own benefit as well as the overall benefit of the society and the community.

Further to understand the role of Women in Hinduism there are many topics and issues which need to be analyzed and studied in detail.

These include

1. Women in Hinduism: Hindu view on the Woman
2. An initial orientation to women and Hinduism: This includes topics like, The Position of Women in Hinduism, Women as equals of men in early Vedic Religion, A growing net of restrictions, The liberation of women in the Puranas, Heroic women of the Epic Tradition, Women Poet-Saints, The ‘Mothers’ and from sati to dowry murders
3. Religious and Social variance in Women’s status in Hinduism
4. Famous Women of Ancient and Modern India: These include Gargi, Mira bai, Sarojini Naidu, Sita, Durgavati, Sarada Devi, Savitri, Queen of Jhansi Lakshm Bai, Bhagini Nivedita, Draupadi, Shakuntala Devi and Mother Mirra
5. Dowry Didn’t Evolve from India
6. Developing an Ecofeminist Ethic Within the Hindu Tradition: This includes topics like, Principles of Ecofeminism, Ecology and Hinduism, Hindu Sacred Texts and Ecofeminism and Shaktism, Tantra and Ecofeminism etc.
7. The Status of Dalit Women in India’s Caste Based System
8. The Divine Mother: God as Goddess
9. Mother Earth, Mother Nature
10. Feminine Spirituality, Feminine Rituals
11. Women as Hindu Spiritual Leaders: The Women of God
12. Women Scholars and Poetesses
13. The many achievements and talents of Hindu Women: Able Rulers, Warriors, Poetesses, Scholars, Mathematicians, Freedom fighters, Musicians, Artists and so on.
14. Musicians and Dancers
15. Ideal Queens
16. Warriors, Warrior Queens and Freedom Fighters
17. Social Status of Hindu Women: This includes topics such as Woman as Mother, Woman as Daughter, Woman as an unwanted Fetus, Woman as Sister, Woman as the Bride, Woman as Wife and Woman as Widow
18. The Woman as a Woman: Of Panegyrics and Caricatures
19. Women as the Strength and Inspiration of Great Men
20. Transforming Hindu Women into Shakti

As I said before, despite the latter developments in Hinduism which were never encouraging, exceptional contributions from “women in Hinduism” took place throughout its history. Whether it was the contributions from ordinary women or from the queens, warriors, artists and philosophers, “history, mythology and literature” are testimony to the fact that women played an important role in the evolution of Hinduism as a religion. These contributions from women are now increasing many folds in every aspect of life and that’s why even today Hinduism is one of the most fluid, ever adapting religions of the world.

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This site envisions the rise of womanhood in true sense that is the rise of the “essence” of womanhood in the physical, mental, intellectual and the spiritual planes. It calls for the beginning of a campaign for the true rise of women in all spheres of life for the restoration of the balance in nature.

Somewhere we have to make a beginning and it’s always better if we make the initiation at our own self. We can strengthen this mass movement for the “rise of womanhood” by bringing about the necessary changes in our own life as felt by our inner self. Further we can transmit the new thinking to others who care to listen. A small step today will definitely lead to a giant leap tomorrow.