6 Problems Most Men Pursue Women and Exactly How to Solve it

Dear Friend,

Do you want to know something I find very interesting?

A lot of guys do things that actually repel the women they’re interested in dating or getting into a relationship with.

Hard to believe?

Well, it’s true. They do.

And what’s worse?

They do this with every single “new woman” that comes into their life over and over again… every… single… time.

So the question, my friend, then is:

Why do they do this?

I mean, if they want a certain woman, why would they do things that would “push her away”?

Why wouldn’t they do the “right things” from the very beginning so a woman would immediately be interested in getting together with them?

These are great questions.

After all, that would only make logical sense, right?

But THAT is the strangest part about it…

They do things that repel women because they simply DON’T realize they’re doing it – so they CAN’T help it!

And if you’ve ever tried getting a woman to go out with you or become your girlfriend but things just “didn’t work out”, what you’re about to learn will reveal the exact reasons why you’ve had these problems when “pursuing” a woman…

… and also show you EXACTLY how to solve them.

And the result?

You’ll start finding the women you meet in the future will be much more interested in you than they have been up until today.

So here they are:

PROBLEM #1: “I’m really nice to her but she doesn’t seem interested in me”

Okay, tell me if you can identify with this situation:

Let’s say you meet a woman who you find attractive – perhaps at work or through mutual friends. She seems really cool and you’d be interesting in pursuing “something” with her.

So what do you do?

How do you act and treat her when you’re around her?

Well, maybe you compliment her on how she looks by telling her how cute or beautiful she is.

Maybe you do “nice things” for her, like getting her a drink or holding her things for her while she goes to the restroom or something.

And maybe you give her your undivided attention by listening intently to everything she says, doing your best to understand her and where she’s coming from.

Basically, you are really “nice” to her. You know, you treat her like a true gentleman “should”.

Alright, here’s the pin that may burst your balloon:

Women are interested in guys who they feel attracted to. And doing all of these “nice things” doesn’t cause a woman to “feel that way” about you.

Just what does that mean?

Well, think about yourself… why do you become interested in certain women and not others?

Isn’t it because you find the ones you’re interested in attractive?

After all, isn’t that the ONLY difference between women you’d like to date and women who you just want as friends.

What if a woman was obese? Would you be interested in a “romantic relationship” with her?

Not likely.

Why not?

For the simple reason that you wouldn’t find her attractive.

Kind of obvious, I know

But look at it this way from a woman’s perspective:

By being “really nice” to women: by complimenting them a lot, going out of your way to do things for them, or doing them special favors, a woman will actually see you the SAME WAY as you do a very “fat” woman.

Being “too nice” is to women what “fat” is to us.


The first thing you NEED to do is stop being OVERLY nice to women. This doesn’t mean being mean. It just means that you stop treating them like they’re the center of the universe.

Stop treating them like they’re “special” or more important than anyone else… especially as more important than yourself!

Got it?


PROBLEM #2: “She says she has a boyfriend but I’m pretty sure she doesn’t”

Have you ever asked a woman for her phone number or asked if she’d like to go out with you sometime, but she said:

“I have a boyfriend.”

Or: “I don’t think my boyfriend would like that very much.”

Maybe she even brought up her boyfriend earlier in the conversation before you got the chance to ask her out.

That generally makes sense, right?

After all, why would a woman who’s already in a relationship want to go out with another guy?

But here’s the catch:

You were pretty sure she DIDN’T have a boyfriend. In fact, maybe you even KNEW she was single without a doubt.

So why would she tell you she had a boyfriend – when she didn’t?

Why would she “lie” about it?

Again, think about the situation from your perspective:

Let’s say a woman who you weren’t attracted to you asked you out. How would you respond? What would you say?

I mean, obviously you wouldn’t look at her in a “romantic way”, so you wouldn’t be interested in her in that way, right?

But would you tell her that directly?

Probably not.

After all, who wants to “reject” someone and hurt their feelings and then perhaps put themselves in a position to be blamed for it?

For wasn’t the REAL problem simply that there was NO attraction?

It’s not personal. Not really, anyway.

So women tell guys who they aren’t attracted to that they have a boyfriend to avoid getting into a “sticky situation” just like that.

She doesn’t mean to lie or be deceptive.

All it means is that she doesn’t find you attractive… which is okay.

Because you can change it…


Learn exactly what women find attractive in a man. Then make some changes so that women automatically become attracted to you.

For when you do that, women won’t tell you they have boyfriends when they don’t.

PROBLEM #3: “She gave me her number but it was the wrong one”

When this happens, isn’t there that “What if” factor?

You know, maybe you wrote it down wrong or maybe she made a mistake when she wrote it down for you. Or maybe you dialed it wrong… every time.

Could be, right?

Well, the honest truth is… not likely.

In fact, she probably gave you the wrong number on purpose.

But did she do it just be mean or cruel?


So why would she do it? What’s in it for her?

Well, as you’ve probably guessed by now…

If a woman gives you a wrong number, she probably wasn’t attracted to you, so she wouldn’t have been interested in going out with you.

And just like when a woman says she has a boyfriend even when she’s single, the reason is because she doesn’t want you to feel rejected by her saying “No” to you.

So instead, she just gives you a “fake number”.

That way she doesn’t have to deal with the situation and perhaps be seen as the “evil one” for rejecting a guy directly.


Again, as you probably guessed… the answer is to first BECOME more attractive to women (more on this in other articles).

For when you do, women will WANT TO give you their REAL numbers for the simple reason that they want to see you again… because they feel that “spark”.

PROBLEM #4: “She asked for my number but then she never called me”

If you’ve never gotten the “I have a boyfriend” excuse, maybe you’ve found yourself in this situation:

After meeting a woman and talking for awhile, you ask for her number.

And how does she respond?

Does she give it to you… or does she say:

“Well, why don’t you give me YOUR number.”

And what do you do?

Well, you probably give it to her. I mean, why not? Saves you any nervousness of calling her, right?

But then what happens?

Well, over the following days you probably sit around that phone, just waiting for her to call you.

Then one by one, the days pass by and you begin to doubt if she ever will.

And what ultimately happens in the end?


She doesn’t call… and maybe you never see her again.

But why didn’t she call you?

I mean, if she asked for your number, wouldn’t that mean that she wanted it? And if she wanted it, why wouldn’t she call?

Yeah, women don’t seem to make much sense, do they?

But how about if we were to look at it in a different way:

What if she wasn’t interested in the FIRST PLACE? And the only reason she asked for your number was because then she wouldn’t have to give you hers.

In fact, what if it was just an easy way for her to get out of another “sticky situation” she didn’t want to be in?



It’s a very simple one:

NEVER give a woman your number if she first “refuses” or avoids giving you hers.

PROBLEM #5: “I call her and ask her out on a date but she just gives me excuses”

Let me know if you’ve ever experienced this:

You want to take a woman out on a date, but every time you call to ask her out, for some strange reason, she never seems to have time to get together or it “falls through” at the very last minute.


I mean, if she wasn’t interested in you, why did she give you her number in the first place?

Is she just a really busy person?

Or is there something else going on behind the scenes here?

To answer that, it may help if we rewind a little bit and take a closer look at your phone conversation with her.

What did you say?

You know, you called her and probably made some small talk for a little while, then what?

Did you finally work up the nerve, and say:

“You know… ummm… I was wondering if maybe I could take you out tomorrow.”

And she said:

“Ummm… well… what did you have in mind?”

And you said:

“I don’t know. Just hang-out, I guess… what do you want to do?”

And what did she say?


“Oh! I forgot, I’m busy tomorrow.”


“Well, why don’t you call me tomorrow?”

Of course, the next day when you called her, no one answered or she wasn’t home.

So what’s going on here?

Well, she probably WAS interested in you… UNTIL you called her.

And the reason she changed was: you didn’t have a plan, which made you come off as unsure of yourself.

In fact, you were looking to her or asking her to setup the date YOU called about. And that doesn’t exactly make a woman want to go out with a guy.


Okay, you know how women want to be “swept off their feet”? Well, that essentially means that they want the man to plan everything ahead of time and lead the way… so all she has to do is follow and go along with it.


When you call for a date, tell her what you’re planning to do and instead of “asking her out”, just ask if she’d like to JOIN you.

It works wonders! Test it out for yourself next time.

PROBLEM #6: “I take her out to dinner and a movie but I don’t get a second date” Yeah, I love this one.

You know that song “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”?

Well the songwriter wasn’t lying… girls DO just want to have fun.

And guess what?

Honestly, from a woman’s perspective, dinner dates and movies are NOT fun. In fact, they’re generally pretty boring and drawn out. After all, they last over three hours!

Three FULL hours of complete boredom. “But hey! it’s better than staying at home alone,” she thinks.

I mean, think about it:

Why do women enjoy spending time with guys? Why do women seem to like dating “jerks”?

It’s really quite simple:

Hanging around these guys allows them to feel STRONG emotions!

And strong emotions equals FUN.

See, dinner dates and movies generally don’t create an environment where that’s possible.

Just think back to when you’ve taken a woman out to dinner, what did you talk about?

Did you exchange “life stories”?

Did you discuss movies? Current events? Politics? Religion?

Did you listen to her talk about some personal problems she’s experiencing in her life… or discuss the “difficult people” in her life?

Well, guess what?

Doing any of these things is going to BORE a woman. And if dinner lasts about an hour, that’s a WHOLE hour of boredom.

Then you come to the movie. And as much as I enjoy watching movies, you can do this by yourself… so guess what?

Unless you’re making out in the theatre, there’s no difference. She could do this by herself if she wanted to and it would generally be the same experience.

So after a date like this, how does a woman think about you?

Well, when she gets home, this is what’s running through her mind: “Wow, I just spend three hours with this guy, bored to tears – why would I even consider going out with him again?”

Of course, it’s not necessarily you – it’s the dinner and movie date approach.


Give her a reason on the first date to WANT to see you again!

By taking a woman out to dinners or movies, especially during the first month of dating, you’re not giving her a reason to want to go out with you again.

In fact, you’re doing the OPPOSITE.

So instead, take her somewhere that’s going to be fun. In other words, take her some place where both of you will be involved in DOING something, like bowling or mini-golfing for example.

Seriously, that’ll make a MUCH better impression than dinner and a movie.

And not only that, keep it short… anywhere between 20 and 45 minutes is perfect for a first date.