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AS/NZS Australian/New Zealand Standard. ™. Structural steel welding. Part 1: Welding of steel structures. A. S. /N. ZS AS/NZS Australian/New Zealand Standard™. Structural steel welding. Part 1: Welding of steel structures. Originated in Australia as AS CA8— Join our Senior Welding Engineer Alan McClintock as he brings to attention what to do if using steels not manufactured to AS/NZS

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The minimum spacing of lines of slot welds in a direction transverse to their length shall be four times the width of the slot. At least one IQI should be used with each radiograph. This is particularly relevant when the direction of loading is normal to the plate surface Z direction. The design service hzs shall be warmer than?

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The size of a complete penetration T-joint or corner joint butt weld shall be the thickness of the part that butts against the face of the other part. The test piece may be made as a production test piece. Nzx our web sites www. This Standard does not apply to underwater welding.

Where welds fail to meet the criteria xs Table 6. A change in the pulse parameters includes a change in pulse waveform Item q of Table 4.

Licensees are permitted to print once for Internal use limited to the Quantity specified in the SAI Global Infostore order only excludes electronic pads of forms. Type and extent of inspection, including any special inspection requirements. This Table is based on available statistical data on notch toughness characteristics of steels currently made in Australia or New Zealand. With the exception of quenched and tempered steels, parent materials not identified to a Standard nominated in Item c above may be used, provided one of the following requirements is met: For Section Y, see Figure 4.


Approval of welding procedures see Clauses 4. In all other cases or where 15554.1 cannot be established, it will be necessary to requalify the weld procedure in accordance with the requirements of this Standard. Any segment of intermittent fillet weld shall have an effective length of not less than 40 mm.

This ensures no matter who does the welding it is done correctly. All welds shall receive a full visual inspection in accordance with Section 6. V-notch impact test is required for heat-affected zone Where practicable, it is recommended that the principal resolve any problems with the fabricator, before work is commenced.

Prequalified joint preparations, welding consumables and welding procedures are also given in the Standard.

Welding to AS/NZS of Boron Containing Steel

Re-qualification is not required where the change in classification is due to a change in classification Standard and equivalence ws established 1554.11 Clause 4. Provided each preparation complies with the requirements of Table E2, Appendix E, for double-V, doublebevel, double-U or double-J welds, preparations of unequal depth shall be deemed prequalified also.


The tests listed within the appropriate section of this Table should be performed, including the hardness comparison test Hzs 4. The parent material to be welded shall— a b c be of a grade with a specified minimum yield strength not exceeding MPa; be selected in accordance with the provisions of Appendix B; and NOTE: Composite Steel Beam Behaviour with Precast Rib Flooring Floors consisting of precast ribs supported on structural steel beams and in situ structural topping are a common form of composite floor construction.

Where imperfections in excess of the limits in Table 6. Inspection of welding is your best defense against mistakes and defects. It is important that readers assure themselves they are using a current Standard, which should include any amendments which may have been published since the Standard was zs.

Combined thickness is shown only up to mm for convenience. Completed welds shall be visually examined and tested in the as-welded condition as specified in Table 4.

AS 1554.1 & AS/NZS 1554.1

Excessive preheating should be avoided. Thank you for interesting in our services. The inspector shall have the opportunity to witness all testing of welding procedures and welder qualification tests that are required.