Introduction Automounting enables a system to automatically mount and unmount NFS resources wheneve they are accessed. The resource. NFS & AutoFS. Configuring NFS: NFS(Network File System): This file system is implemented by most unix type OS(SOLARIS/LINUX/FreeBSD). NFS seamlessly . Hi, i’m new to Solaris,i have this task which need to be completedand i couldn’t find a peoblem is i have a Server-A and Server-B i.

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This service also runs the automount command, which reads the master map and installs autofs mount points. You can then use the switch to fall back to the NIS map for other entries. Start the automount service without having to reboot the sutofs. Note – Use this procedure if you are not using Volume Manager. The service tries to use the public file handle on the NFS server. Network Service Overview 2. However, ni you have modified an existing entry, you do not need to run the automount command for the ssolaris to become effective.

Silently mounts and unmounts resources without the need of superuser prviliege. Autofs is attempting to mount over an existing mount point. Managing Web Cache Servers 3. Sign up using Email and Password. This problem is usually an indication of an improperly continued map entry.

See Client-Side Failover for a discussion of failover. It is default option and not necessary. Check the run level on server and verify if it is 3: Sun Feb 17 Steps to set up an autofs map that supports different operating systems.


If the local subnet consists of a varied number of version 2, auofs 3, and version 4 servers, more sorting is required.

Accessing Remote Systems Tasks. After the largest subset of servers with the same version of the protocol is found, that server list is sorted by proximity. Configuring AutoFS in Solaris The mount process includes the creation of the trigger nodes. The devil zolaris the details Fri, If the NFS server does not support a public file handle, the mount fails.

Less known Solaris Features You must follow this procedure for each indirect autofs node that needs to be disabled. Quicksearch Disclaimer The individual owning this blog works zutofs Oracle in Germany. Steps to disable browsability so that autofs mount points are not automatically populated on a single client. Maps are available locally or through a network name service such as NIS.

This problem most frequently occurs when you attempt to hierarchically mount all of a server’s exported file systems. A file system mounted with the hard option prints a warning message and continues to try to process the request. Lists the local resource to share at boot time. The host name of the server on the client is missing from the hosts table.

AutoFs Config in Solaris 10

A required mount point can exist only in a file aolaris that cannot be mounted, which means the file system cannot be exported. Note – Weighting is also influenced by parameters stored in the SMF repository. The tools directory continues to be a single mount.


Failover is particularly useful in a large network with many subnets. Copyright Sun Microsystems, Inc. Defines file system to be mounted. Display comments as Linear Threaded.

How to enable/disable automount debugging in solaris 10 and solaris 11

Indicated whether to enable setuid execution. Autofs is unable to contact the mount daemon on server that aytofs the information to pathconf.

So Sun invented the automounter.

For clients that are running version 5. Note – Most applications that are written for any of the sun4 architectures can run on all sun4 platforms.

Autofs can also mount files other than NFS files. Working With Remote Systems Overview. Books Recommended Sun and Solaris Books.

The mount point cannot be created because the exported parent file system is exported read-only. The field is – for NFS file system.

These autofs mounts are not automatically mounted at startup time. Related entries by tags: Non existence of mount point on client. An accessible server is not running NFS wutofs. Through the life of the project, you might be required to relocate and expand various disk partitions. Additional Information About nfsmapid. Accessing Remote Systems Tasks.