Get in-depth information on Avigilon H3-D1 IP Dome camera including detailed technical specifications. Besides, view the entire catalog of Avigilon. Avigilon H3-D1 Features. Small h3 d1, Form Factor: Dome, Varifocal: Yes. Max Resolution: p, IR: None. CODECs: H, MJPEG, Online price: Pro. indoor dome cameras operate on Avigilon’s H3 platform MP. MP. MP. MP. Image Sensor. 1/3” progressive scan CMOS . H3-D1-IR.

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The camera has two cable entry holes: The document is available in the eDocs app and on the Avigilon website. Input — To activate, connect the Input to the Ground pin. Mounting the Dome Camera 8 Figure 2: People 1.0-3h-d1 bought this also bought: Also receives power when it is connected to a network that provides Power over Ethernet. The connector is a mini-jack 3. Cable Connections 12 1.

Avigilon HD indoor dome cameras are a great solution for monitoring both daytime and night time activities. Apply silicone sealant over the mounting holes inside the camera then drive four screws into the mounting holes to fasten the dome camera to the ceiling or wall. When installing outdoors on a vertical surface, the cable entry hole must face downwards. Installing the Dome Cover 1.

To deactivate, leave disconnected or apply between V. Some collection points accept products for free. For more avigulon, see Designing a Site for Video Analytics. The Warning symbol indicates the presence of dangerous voltage within and outside the product enclosure that may constitute a risk of electric shock, serious injury or death to persons if proper precautions are not followed.

Sales 75 75 65 Customer Services Technical Support This warranty extends to the original consumer purchaser of the product only. Inserting the tool too far will damage the device. Sorry, we don’t have sufficient stock of this item and we don’t allow backorders on it. The video output signal is determined by the camera flicker control setting.


For more information, see the Avigilon High Definition H. This will ensure avigilob cable connector is not over-stressed and cause poor video performance. Avigilon H4 PTZ dome camera line pushes boundaries of tradition.

Servicing may be required when the device has been damaged such as from a liquid spill or fallen objectshas been exposed to rain or moisture, does not operate normally, or has been dropped. To contact our sales teams, please email us at sales mayflex.

Table Of Contents – Avigilon H3-D1 Installation Manual [Page 9]

If the SD card does not meet the recommended capacity or write speed, the performance of the onboard storage may suffer and result in the loss of frames or footage. Warranty service and technical support can be obtained by contacting Avigilon Technical Support by phone at 1. Incorrect installation could cause an unexpected fault.

Disposal and Recycling Information When this product has reached the end of its useful life, please dispose of it according to your local environmental laws and guidelines. Sign up now for full access to SourceSecurity. If the desired focus was not achieved, use the focus near and far buttons to adjust the focus.

Assigning an IP Address 10 1. Only required when Power over Ethernet is not available.

1.0-H3-D1-IR 1.0 Megapixel (720p) Day/Night Indoor Dome, 3-9mm F/1.2 P-iris Lens, IR Illuminator

Apologies for the inconvenience. Mounting Holes Mounting points for the camera. Only use vandal resistant conduits.


Insert the two power wires into the two terminals on the power connector block. The default camera username is admin and the default password is admin.

Tilt Lock Thumb Screws Provides a locking mechanism for the image tilt adjustment. Overview Specs Downloads Videos Description Avigilon HD indoor dome cameras are a great solution for monitoring both daytime and night time activities. Register for an account Log In. Skip to main content. They feature an integrated lens for remote focus and zoom control and are ONVIF compliant for no-hassle 1.0-h33-d1.

Composite Video OUT is not available for 3. Avigilon Corporation expands security product portfolio with the addition of HD Video Appliance series. We are currently experiencing an issue with our avlgilon, which is being investigated by our third party support company. Ethernet Port Accepts an Ethernet connection to a network.

The IP address settings can be changed using one of the following methods: CAUTION — Do not attempt to adjust the focus and zoom on the camera manually or the camera lens may become damaged For More Information Additional information about setting up and using the device is available in the following avibilon If you are using the side cable entry hole, attach a conduit connector to the cable entry hole.

The power consumption information is listed in the product specifications. The IR illuminator ring is not included with all models. Server communication and image data transmission occurs over this connection. The resulting marks or fingerprints may affect the overall image quality. Aiming the Dome Camera 1.