Editorial Reviews. Review. An incredible ride through the corridors of consciousness, taking Brad Blanton has developed the simple concept of honesty into a pragmatic system — Jacques Werth, author of High Probability Selling. Radical Honesty has ratings and reviews. In it, Dr. Brad Blanton, a psychotherapist and expert on stress management, explored the myths. Radical Honesty is a technique and self-improvement program developed by Dr. Brad Blanton. The program asserts that lying is the primary source of modern.

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I imagine myself as some kind of person who will eventually “get it”. From the website bio of the character in the first season: For Blanton, truth-telling is a means of humbling yourself. The question I had been dreading for the past few hours needed an answer.

This honest relating is not always joyful or pleasant —it is sometimes sad, sometimes angry, etc. I would advocate using some of the princip This was an interesting read with an unusual writing style. And when you realize that, it can be difficult to grasp, because the human mind honestg made for making sense of things, have a sense of control, find meaning and order, and feels insecure when it brqd. Action that is clearly intentional occurs, but results from consciousness of circumstance, of principles, and of consciousness itself.

In fact, if he hears someone tell a lie when he himself knows the truth, he can’t even simply not speak—he has to reveal the truth under any circumstances. It was one of my favourite parts, and I started laughing because of how f His premise is very scary: People hold on to beliefs based on the way things used to be rather than updating their way of thinking based on changed circumstances. It is not the way they look or how good they talk that makes us love who we love. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.


According to Blanton, taking arbitrary meaning-making seriously is an example of your mind controlling your being, rather than simply being and using your mind as a hhonesty to make being easier.

This book is a fun mix of little nuggets of wisdom gold and shaking my head at how narcissistic the author is.

Well, what can I say. Resistance to limiting the future by commitment —to one project to the exclusion of others, or to one person to the exclusion of others—is the sickness of our time We are all moralists. Dishonesty is one of the main forms of this evasion, and though it sometimes manifests as outright lying, it appears more often as incomplete disclosure, especially in the name of politeness or care for others. As I got older, I found this more difficult, because of what radica call karma: Instead, I admitted everything and was shown the door, change-less.

Why I’m not radically honest anymore

The amount of honesty required is indeed quite radical. Level three involves vigilance against being taken over by the mind Still, it’s clear that the revelations at each level of telling the truth allow for greater sharing of who a person is and what they are about.

This leads to an authentic life without many of life’s anxieties. It is the major source of all human stress,” says Brad Blanton, psychotherapist and founder blajton the Centre for Radical Honesty.

Why I’m not radically honest anymore – Ben Hourigan, author

One quirk is the inclusion of long passages taken from other authors. Many people will find reading it challenging and intensely uncomfortable. Lawyers are the people upholding the rule of law.


By stating the truth about your mostly childish feelings and demands on the world you get to hear yourself being putrid and you will come off your high horse. When “I-You” is spoken with blqnton active, transitive, present tense verb resent, appreciate between the I and the You, denoting a present feeling, the moment’s truth is spoken in its entirety.

Getting fat allows people who are uncomfortable about their own sexual excitement to be emotionally intimate with members of the opposite sex while remaining physically isolated from them. Anger is never permanently handled.

I did really like this book, even though I don’t know how practical it is. The alternative, he believes, is the stress of living “in the prison of the mind”, which blznton in depression and ill health. Live from the body. And since having things to hide keeps you in your racing mind blznton keeps it racing, you have to reveal what you have hidden. I was pleasantly surprised to find out the book had a little more substance than the way the “movement” is generally portrayed.

Blanton applies a similar practice in his writing, offering candid insights racical his own experiences and motivations in being radically honest as a person and as a therapist, including his bkanton hopes for the radical honesty project and his reputation. To be free of anger, we have to give up this belief and allow our resentments and other people’s resentments to be expressed even if they are completely irrational. I still haven’t quite recovered.