BYK® is a mixture of foam destroying polysiloxanes and hydrophobic solids in polyglycol. This product is the standard defoamer for water-based syste. Mixture of hydrophobic solids and foam destroying polysiloxanes in polyglycol. Acts as a silicone based, standard defoamer for aqueous systems. Exhibits easy . BYK Version 3. Revision Date 01/31/ Print Date 01/31/ 1 / 9. SECTION 1. PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION. Product name.: BYK -.

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An increase in the water level was necessary for formulation 3C to reduce the viscosity of 08 formulation to a sprayable viscosity. The amount of binder used can vary widely depending for example on the application.

The coalescing agents used in this invention include a variety of glycol based compounds, including the ethylene and propylene derived glycol ether types. After about two hours of room temperature cure the products all formed a film.

BYK® by Byk – Paint & Coatings

In general, the composition has a pH in the range from 7 to 11, in one embodiment from 7. Anti-corrosive paint of epoxy resin based on aqueous bitumen, and preparation method. In this example, ammonia was used to modify the pH and tested against formulations using morpholine. Small agglomerations were present in the bottom of the mix container, and were visible on the surface bgk a metal panel that formulation 8B was drawn down to.

Byk makes their documentation available 02 the regions indicated below: The surface can be treated with multiple coatings of the formulation to build up the thickness of the coating.

The composition of claim 1wherein the molybdenum disulfide is present in an amount of from 0. The formulations were made by preparing a master batch of the Part B for a given formulation, followed by addition of the resin and balance of Part A.


Both acrylic resins and the polyurethane resins are well known. The formulations were stable and provided a homogenous film upon spray application to phosphate treated steel panels.

The coating demonstrated excellent resistance to the selected fluids CastrolMIL-H hydraulic fluid, MIL-C cleaning fluid, MIL-L lubricating oil, 1,1,1-trichloroethane, JP-4, MIL-A de-icing fluid, reagent waterdid not blister, flake or peel, and no visible amount of coating was removed by the adhesive tape.

The process of claim 15wherein the binder is an aliphatic polyurethane resin. The process of claim 15wherein the water-based composition further comprises tripropylene glycol monomethyl ether and dipropylene glycol butyl ether.

Byk has an established history of innovation such as being the first additive manufacturer to begin using Controlled Polymerization Technology CPTlaunching the first rheology-modified wax emulsion, and being one of the first companies to use nanotechnology for improving Coatings properties.

For formulation 8B, liquid phase separation occurred quickly.

The process of claim 28wherein the molybdenum disulfide is present in the water-based composition in an amount of from 0. Formulations 9A and 9C sprayed well. Non-limiting examples of representative surfactants which may optionally be used in the practice of this invention include non-ionic, anionic, cationic and amphoteric surfactants, such as monocarboxyl cocoimidoazoline, higher by, sulfate sodium salts, tridecyloxy poly alkyleneoxy 02ethoxylated or propoxylated alkyl phenol, alkyl sulfonamides, C alkaryl sulfonates such as alkylbenzene sulfonates, cocoamphaodipropionate, cetylpalmitic alkanol amides, hydrogenated castor oil, isooctylphenyl polyethoxy ethanol, sorbitan monopalmitate, C alkyl pyrrolidone, cocoaminopropionic acid and polyethoxy amino salts bhk.


A dry film lubricant formulation was prepared. The example shows that the pH of the system may be important if molybdenum disulfide is used. The composition of claim 1further comprising an antifoaming agent. Alternatively, the surface to be treated can be dipped into the formulation.

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Low-temperature quick-drying water-based primer-topcoat protective paint used for elevator track and preparation method thereof. This website provides links to other websites owned by third parties. The formulation contained the following components, which were added in the order shown to improve stability of the system:.

The composition of this invention includes water. TPM was then added with stirring.

BYK-028 (25 KGS/PAIL)

Waterborne two-component light-color in-tank electrostatic conduction anticorrosive paint and preparation method thereof. Representative nonlimiting examples of such coalescing agents include diethylene glycol n-butyl ether DBethylene glycol n-butyl ether EBethylene glycol phenyl ether EPhand propylene glycol n-propyl ether PnPpropylene glycol phenyl ether PPhpropylene glycol n-butyl ether PnBtripropylene glycol methyl ether TPMdipropylene glycol gyk ether DPnBtripropylene glycol n-butyl ether TPnBand dipropylene glycol methyl ether DPM.

It should be appreciated that the greater the proportion of resin employed relative to the molybdenum disulfide, the greater the corrosion resistance of the resulting cured film with, typically, a reduction in lubricity endurance of the system.

This application claims priority to provisional patent application Ser. The pH of Part A for formulation 7A was 8. The formulations were subjected to corrosion testing using a salt fog test pursuant to MIL-L