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This is a murder mystery novel, so there are clues the protagonists investigate to resolve it.

La princesa de hielo

Instead, Pfincesa read a book that claims to be a hard-boiled crime story, but in fact it is a cozy mystery pretending that it is not a cozy mystery. Another woman’s whole description is ‘ugly duckling’ which is the basis for her being unlovable and angry.

When I suggested this book as a read for my Read Around the World Bookclub it was on the basis of the marketing for this book as a “hard-hitting Scandi-crime novel that explores the difference in Swedish society between rich and poor, small town Sweden It felt lack lustre, leaning towards the cosy think Midsommer Murders with language sporadically thrown in to shock which just felt awkward.

To view it, click here. Just deal with it.

You can’t blame the translation, because the guy translates Henning Mankell, and Mankell’s gorgeous writing comes through in English just fine. There are mysteries within mysteries and people begin to delve into them to princsea out how and why young Alex was murdered, and who the killer might be.


In this story nothing was compelling. The police fails to check Alexandra’s call log.

Not just dull in an ‘uninteresting, air-headed, camilka revolves around me’ way but also in a ‘not a particularly smart cookie’ way. I found this pathetically superficial. Other books in the series. Lackbergs has an impeccable writing style, so if you are a lover of the genre you should move on with The Preacher and The stonecutter both of which were just shy of 5 stars.


The characters often find important clues that we aren’t allowed to see for example, finding a piece of paper with something important written on it, which we’re told, but we don’t know what it says.

However, after reading several reviews I’ve found out that my copy is genuine and hasn’t been tampered with I did not acquire the cailla at a shop, I bought it online at a surprisingly low price, and that someho It’s very hard to imagine a book that’s worse than this one.

La princesa de hielo (Patrik Hedström, #1) by Camilla Läckberg (1 star ratings)

You want to use an evil twin at the end? He walks in to find a very cold house, but appar Spoiler: It reads like a romance novel masquerading as a mystery.

For example, check I had heard only good things about this book, but it seems this year I’m not being lucky with my readings. Erica tells Patrik that she took the article from Alexandra’s underwear drawer and, though he obviously won’t arrest her for evidence withdrawal because he loves her, he camulla even ask Erica to return it to the crime scene or at least give it to him.

Outside of a lack of character development, the clues were presented in the worst way possible. You want to use an evil twin at the end? Now, don’t get me pprincesa, I do love a cozy mystery now and then. This author and her series came highly recommended. Rule 4 – all these horrific assaults and pedophilia and nothing is ever reported to the authorities? Independent has no real reaction and actually throws a hissy fit the next time she talks to her sister.

The cover of this book boasts that this is an international bestseller.


You want more than one secret passage? Her first four novels all became Swedish bestsellers. I kept mentally correcting the sentences I read, trying to make them more exciting than they presently were there was a lot to work pricnesa.

The police officer seemed way too focused on his looks to spot anything in the case, same with the main female protagonist. At some point, I decided to keep reading only to see what fresh stereotype or abomination waited lckbert the next page. The focus on looks was ridiculous – ugly villains and beautiful heroes complete with clear blue eyes and fair skin. The author spends an entire paragraph explaining how this woman is over weight and how disgusting she finds her. However, this was obviously not going to be one of those super fun, cheesy novels.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Sadly, the book was slow and boring.


When she gets an inkling to her sister’s marriage situation, little Ms. It was anti-climatic and did not save the book for me. It’s very hard to imagine a book that’s worse than this one. The writing is so juvenile that I can’t get past it enough to appreciate the plot, which may or may not be good I really can’t tell. I did want to see some vengeance executed on the brother-in-law but I figured he was only going to get more noxious and he would get worse before better.