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Component Database Need to figure out what crankset you have or how many gears a derailleur will work with? Generally a good day,learning about different things productsdealing with people from all over the world.

Great place to work with great people and structure through out the building.

Lovely and nice co-workers. Great people, friendly management. As any job this is not a job in which you should just show up and get through the day with the motions. People are the most valuable assets. And the most enjoyable was the family like atmosphere and being busy day to day. The site is broken down into 3 main sections. No problem want unresolved, I would recommend this employer to anyone who asks. Was this review helpful?

Use available resources to educate yourself on products, services and customer interaction techniques. I value the skills I’ve gained as a leader here as well as the relationships I have made.


I was hindered by the lack of growth within the company. Want to know more about working here?

Work day ended approximately 6 pm. Ikea was the most relaxed, fun, and productive job i have ever worked at. Im blessed to be albe to have the chance to work at IKEA.

The most enjoyable portion of the job was helping customers choose and purchase furniture via catalog, computer and telephone. Productive and fun to work. World wide company for a reason. They had a great company culture.

Very high energy workplace and very family oriented. You have to love it.

Avon Campagne 10,2018 ,Broschüre

You can search by name below, or use one of our other Search features for a more refine the search criteria in other ways.

Find the information on VeloBase. Lunch for approximately 45 minutes, return to workstation to service clients by creating orders, solving issues with order and referring to other departments.

This was by far one of the best jobs I had. The goal of VeloBase. Ask a question about working or interviewing at Ikea. A typical day at work would generally be to be productive from the time that you sit at your desk until the time that our shift was over. The hardest part of the job was only when we had a problem with mis-communication between the stores and the contractors for delivery or assembly. Diversity score 70 out of The discount and employee perks were the best I loved this job.

The Head Badge and Frame Part Database aims to help identifiy the builder, country of origin, age, and capabilities of a frame. Loved my coworkers and the support that the staff there provided.


However, for the most part I really enjoyed that IKEA as a company made the best of any situation such as, holiday’s or snow days. Good company but I out grew it. Working there is great. The hardest part of the job was multitasking. One for vintage cycling Components, the next for Frames and parts of Frames, and the last for other miscellaneous content of Vintage Cycling significance.

Avon – cosméticos, belleza, maquillaje, cuidado de la piel, fragancia, trabajar desde el hogar.

I have definately learned that every customer that calls has a different personality and we have to maintain the same calm tone with everyone, all customers are all calling for a specific cataoog and we were are there to address their needs in a timely manner.

Paris Head Badge from Tour de France. Fun Place to work. My coworkers were close like family and still are today. Productive and fun place to work. Want to know more about Ikea? I worked in Human Resources at the Ikea in Baltimore. Daily answering inbond calls frstmers wanting to place orders from the companies catalogue.