CE – PREFABRICATED STRUCTURES L T P C 3 0 0 3 UNIT I INTRODUCTION 9. CE Prefabricated Structure. Anna University Seventh Semester (4th year) Question Papers Collection (Regulation ). Semester: PREFABRICATED STRUCTURES. UCTION IV YEAR/VII SEMESTER PART- A prefabrication. The term prefab can apply to any.

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The academic calendar is prepared and it is displayed in the notice boards of all the departments. Embedded system Technologies 1: The slow learners are identified and additional coaching classes are conducted and the improvement is monitored by the faculty counselors and subject teachers. Entrepreneurship Development Cell The EDC organizes guest lectures by inviting the meritorious entrepreneurs to inspire the students to become an entrepreneur.

Attending eight parades in first semester will qualify a student to earn the credits specified in the curriculum. The list of programmes organized in collaboration with other agencies is as follows: To develop professionals with idealistic, practical and moral values. This ensures publicity to the Institution amidst the visitors to our campus on these occasions.

The whole campus is illuminated with high mast lamps and street lights. To understand drainage, dewatering, grouting technique in ground improvement method. Chenthur Pandian, Principal, Dr.

The result analysis meeting is conducted after the evaluation of terminal test. Leg curl- 50 Kgs. Publishers and Distributors, Delhi, Seventh Edition, Preloading with sand drains, and fabric drains, Stone columns – Lime pilesinstallation techniques only — relative merits and limitations — strucutres soil mixing.

SSR Cycle 1 – Kongunadu College of Engineering and Technology

IT National Conference 3. It is a recognized minority institution? The Anti-Ragging squad is also there in our campus and its members are vigilant and ensure zero percent ragging in our campus. Special counseling, encouragement and motivation are given to these students whenever required. To understand how to use measurements from the photographs. Academic Year Research Budget Utilized 1 4,15, This makes the students to know about the recent developments in industries and recent skills required to cope with industrial needs.


Any discrepancy in the evaluation is brought to the notice of the subject teacher. They meet the students regularly and provide xe1007 guidance and support.

Anna University conducts an FDP and workshop for new subjects in the curriculum and the faculty members are deputed to attend the programme to gain knowledge in that prerabricated. Geothermal sources hydrothermal, geo-pressurized hot dry rocks, magma — Biomass: The college is endowed with all necessary infrastructure for academics, sports, general amenities and residential.

To prefabricared the basics, importance of Instrumental Monitoring 2. To help students learn the Chinese scripts. Lat with mid row2. Bricks — composition — classifications — properties —uses. Based on this analysis, the coaching classes and other remedial measures are taken to bridge the gap Any other relevant information regarding Teaching-Learning and Evaluation which the college would like to include. New courses and variations in the intake are introduced in the subsequent years in accordance with the changing needs and demand of the students without compromising the basic vision and mission of the Institution.

SSR Cycle 1 – Kongunadu College of Engineering and Technology

ISO also ensures the quality of teaching learning process. To familiarize the student to understand the role of geotechnical engineering in waste management systems. The college provides academic flexibility to the students by extending options to choose elective subjects of their own interest and attend various value added courses related to their branches. Career Awareness Programme 3. To determine the losses in pipes.


Estimation of Residual Chlorine. Methods of mapping, relief maps, thematic maps. How is the available expertise advocated and publicized?

To understand the sources of ground water, aquifers, water occurrence in different types of rocks. Along with the curriculum, the college instills the moral and ethical values, employability and other life skills to the students. To impart the idea about planning and scheduling of activities and scheduling softwares.

The teaching learning process is monitored by a multi tiered organizational structure consisting of The Principal, Deans, Prefsbricated, year coordinators, class advisors and counselors. Assessment process This course is mandatory and a student has to pass the course to become eligible for the award of degree.

Does the affiliating university Act provide for conferment of autonomy as recognized by the UGCon its affiliated colleges? Under Graduate Post Graduate To study the relationship between soil, plant and water.

Course designed by 1.

Students have to undergo two-week practical training in Civil Engineering related organizations of their choice but with the approval of the department. To explore the importance of rivers, reservoirs and silt control. Valuer and his duties, purpose of valuation and its function.

To know about the supporting structures and building amenities. Standing calf raise machine — 90 Kgs.