No doubt they invented very godly signs, but these have not come down to us. .. some affinity in their external designations with the wares to be dis- posed of, records the following epitaph on tliis worthy: ” Apollo et cohora Musarum. These were also called cogmmlna by a loose extension of the word, until in the fourth and generals in the field were attended by a voluntary staff {cohora) of young men, This story is all too evidently invented to account for the perfected . Pqppaana, ” Cosmetics used or invented by Poppaea Sabina,” of whom Tota cohora, “Illo propinqu& vesp^rft, tribunus venit, et yillam globus miUium sepsit. Extension, It was esteemed a very bad omen if the victim did not go willingly to.

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It is a matter in which the druggists are interested as much as the pharmaceutical chemists. Flynn, chemist and druggist, of 49 Botchergate, Carlisle, has sold his business there to Mr. The present address of C. It was also usual for the Sjioiiaa to make a present to her betrothed. Harrison it Waide Silverlock, H. Sometimes she used her mother’a nomen, after her father’s.

The bride and groom then took their places side by side at the left of the altar and facing it, sitting on stools severed with the pelt of the sheep slain for tiie saorifice. Any light that is outside the short coherence length will not interfere. Willis Bund having addressed the Court for the defendant, the learned Judge granted the order restraining the defendant. Everything was done in Dublin.


Poll went to the premises on Tuesday, and found the shop shut up. An alcoholic extract also yielded a substance which froths with water — probably it is saponin. The Assistant-Secretary of the club mentioned last week is Mr.

South Bank, wrote to say that had he not occasionally taken it out, the window would moat certainly have been pressed in by the crowd. He had taken prussic acid. TV’hen the master or mistress left the honse a numerous l!

How were they to obtain proof now to rebut the evidence of the professional witnesses? Under Angiistus it was provided that the pntnr fitmitiux should not withhold his consent unless he could show valid reasons for doing so.

Optical coherence tomography – Wikipedia

This was the system that prevailed in the best dnys of the Republic, but it was itself a development, starling with a more simple form in earlier times and ending in ntter con- fusion under the Empire. In “Hazeline” Cream the anodyne and styp- tic properties of ” Hazeline ” are associated with the emol- lient qualities of ” Lanoline,” a union that has shown itself to be singularly happy.

Ayrton i Saunders Christy. Donations and Annual Subscriptions are earnestly solicited. Griffith, Chemist, Oanter- ‘ bury. Lanoline’ Toilet Soap is supplied at 4s 6d, per doz. White, Alfred, ft Soni Zimmermann ft Co. He pointed out that it was not a mere question of extra salary, but it also involved the question of the superannuation allowance, for, of course, the larger Mr. The mother of Horace must have been a singularly gifted woman, but she is never mentioned by her son.


Wxt Bir- minghamand Darton Gibbs Birmingham. Drums, and 3 cwt. His remarks were practically a replica of the description given in the Lancet two or three weeks ago. The “words of style” were probably some- thing like this: It is the fullest and most authoritative of all the treatises on the subject and has a few illustrations.

There wjeire musicians and readers, and for persons of less refined tastes, dancer.!

Provincial chemists sometimes pay more to the manufacturer. Holmes, Bird, Mathews, and Farr ; Mr. We read, too, of instances of splendid loyalty to their patrons on the part of clients, a loyalty to which we can only compare in modem times that of Highlanders to the chief of their clan.

Optical coherence tomography

The chemists in the neighbourhood were then asked not to serve her with opium again. The fire originated in one of the shops on the ground floor rented by Mr. Address, Bathe, Chemist, Torquay. Edgar Allan Poe is the originator cohors modern times of this particular cult.

Matt Varnish is more used now that ” phot o f akiDg ” has become quite a, fine art. By lands, Dan, Lim. Eccles by the unskilfulness of defendants’ servant. The very best col- lection of illustrations, but not so trustworthy in letter- press.