5 out. Também conhecida como Revolta dos Alfaiates, a Conjuração Baiana foi uma revolta social de caráter popular ocorrida na Bahia em and early nineteenth centuries (most famously the Inconfidência Mineira of and the Conjuração Baiana of ), all of which were quashed by the army. Lara, Campos da violência, 35; and Vallim, “Da sedição dos mulatos à conjuração baiana de ,” “Carta de Martinho de Mello e Castro,” –

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But everything indicates that these contacts, as has already been looked at, were made by members of Bahian elites who ended up outside the repression implemented by Portuguese authorities and even outside part of historiographic comprehension.

Larcher let escape a snide comment about the military capacity of soldiers from Brazil who had been brought over to assist with the war in Europe, when he stated that if they were the same as the Bahians there would be nothing to fear in them Aux origines de Haiti, Paris, The expectation that Larcher developed for Portuguese America would find an echo in certain sectors and resistance in others, but nevertheless, they were all limited by questions related to this context.

By its rejection of the universal vote this constitution reestablished indirect suffrage in two stages based on the payment of tax. Nevertheless, this testimony referring to is one of the first explicit manifestations of the possibility of the various Brazilian capitanias proclaiming independence from Portugal in a unified manner from protagonists favorable to this.

A greater interest has made me break the silence that I have kept for more than two months, since I am here in the hope of an immediate return to France; but I must suppose that my letters to the Minister of the Marine have been intercepted, since I have obtained no reply.

After the violent confrontation and when the prey had been captured, including the armament and munitions, Larcher negotiated in a courteous manner with the defeated captain, giving him a safe conduct in relation to all other French vessels, asking them not to attack again the vessel, which allowed Santo Antonio de Polifemo to return to Bahia without being further attacked and with the survivors being freed Furthermore, the French soldier repeated in the two texts transcribed here that he had discussed these parts of the conspiracy with sectors from the Bahian elite.

Even though these re-readings have been slow to make their mark as points of reference for historians and in teaching material, for example, or precisely for this reason, the publication of these two documents is justifiable – which are until the present the most substantial in this sense.

The means for the execution of this are easy and require little expenditure: Although the soldier did not deal with this point in his correspondence with the French authorities nor did the manifestations that we know of in in Bahia highlight in any consistent form an abolitionist solutionthe large scale slave insurrections that began in the French colony of Santa Dominica in made the question unavoidable at that time. Citizen Directors, Body of this People, I am carrying out the mission to you which I was entrusted by them, I am doing my duty and I can assure you that peace will change in no way the determination that they be free.

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New perspectives on the French presence in Bahia in The construction of this Grande Nation took place through conflict and internal conflicts in the French nation itself.

Immense resources guaranteed immediately to the French Republic A minimum of fifteen million in materials such as gold and silver, diamonds, precious wood for construction, sugar, coffee and coffee will be the testament of your good will, and you can judge the importance they give to this: Volumes 1 – How to cite this article. It can thus be seen that the profile of Larcher that emerges from this situation is not that of an adventurer or a mercenary, so common at those times, nor that of a dubious aristocratic officer, or even a crazy lone revolutionary, but rather that of a military professional who identified with the expansionist projects of his own country.

Effects of this revolution on Brazil This revolution will have an electric effect on the other capitanias in Brazil as experience proves to us: At the same time Larcher included in this second letter details that suggested that the Bahian conspiracy was well advanced “The Plan is ready and implemented”including in relation to the possibility of French military intervention.

To the Conjurzo Directorate of the French Republic only. Combined manner according to which the inhabitants should act. Also of importance was the attempt to land men on the southern coast of Bahia by a French ship and brig inrepelled by the local inhabitants The project for the invasion of Bahia written by Larcher, however, was not the fruit of an revolutionary outburst or delirium, rather it was an attempt, no matter how daring, that emerged out of a determined context.

On the one hand, Larcher found himself in the uncomfortable position of remaining in Lisbon at the mercy of the negotiations full of alarmist rumors between the powers and under the vigilance of the Portuguese government, from whom he also received a proposal to come over to their side The agreement he consented to included, among other aspects, ceding part of the Brazilian Amazon to France. Immense resources guaranteed conjkrao to the French Republic.

I believe that I am in debt to the Minister of the Marine and the Colonies and I have taken the liberty of occupying you with the case that he certainly has reported to you. It still remains to be known if this statement written by Larcher was just the fruit of his own individual perception or if he picked it up from the Bahian conspirators. In the same Project can be noted the expectation that all of Brazil would, as a result of events in Bahia, also proclaim independence in a unified form, stating that “the other capitanias Brazil” would form “a free people”.

Coming from the Montagnardsthe most left wing baianz in the French Revolution, Carnot moved away from them with the ascension of Robespierre, later serving Napoleon, and was 198 banished from public life following the Restoration, dying in exile Services on Demand Article. The inhabitants invested with the rights of man clamor for their independence; they ask it from the French Republic and do not want baiaa except from you.


This attitude in the negotiations helps understand how a few months later Larcher would be well 198 in Salvador, which he reached in Novembernow as a simple passenger on the Luso-Brazilian ship Boa Viagemcoming from Asia which he had left without his vessel La Preneusehaving been expelled by the French slaveholding colonists, as has already been mentioned What is happening in this colony leaves no doubt about its determination Citizen Directors, Body of this People, I am carrying out the mission to you which I was entrusted by them, I am doing my duty and I can assure you that peace will change in no way the determination that they be free.

Therefore, the despair must be so close to their souls, since they are a year, counting from my departure, without receiving any hope, it is only to be expected to see this people resort to some extremism that could be ominous, if they are abandoned and left to themselves. Salvador, Faculdade de Filosofia,no. Nor is it known if this ‘Brazilian’ perspective was based on previous contacts with other capitanias or mere speculation, as a scenario seen as possible.

In general terms it involved military support for the proclamation of independence of Bahia in exchange for privileged trade agreements.

New perspectives on the French presence in Bahia in

When news arrived in Portugal of this treaty, D. The ideas that were circulating among them reached the common people who became enchanted with them.

As a precaution there was a bakana that the correspondence would be intercepted on its journey between Portugal and Paris, as stated by Larcher himself there is no explicit reference to the place of the conspiracy, although its terms and date leave no doubt that it also involves Bahia. The minister of the Marine and Colonies will have had you examine the reasons that keep me here.

Conjuração Baiana

The hard core of this doctrinaire flux was formed by “elements of the highest worth in the Capitaniaby their assets both in terms of education and wealth, [concerned with] studying and discussing the political and economic problems that had revolutionized the world” 13ideas whose diffusion among the lower classes proved to be the weak point of the political enterprise due to the loss of control of the process by the group conjural ‘good thinkers’.

However, there are some exceptions: Objections are often raised against the best designed plans that escape the most experienced eye: Infor example, seven Conjuurao ships from Bahia were seized by a French squadron off the African coast Dias Tavares,cit. Rodrigo came out best. In baisna to the role to be exercised by France in Bahia, in this new projected situation the Conujrao intention, as expressed by Larcher, of implementing exclusive French trade in substitution for the Portuguese was symptomatically highlighted, even though it was to be for a still to be decided period.