Full D1 4CH H DVR USB Mouse Control with GUI Display. For the actual display & operation, please refer to your DVR in hand. .. 4CH Model. □ DVR. □ HDD screws. □ IR Remote Controller. □ Manual for IR Remote. 0 matches found for “cpcam 4ch h dvr software”. “cpcam 4ch h dvr software ” (View all 93 Supplier(s)). Favorites Compare.

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The Bulwark is truly a remakable product and works as it is advertised. The more information, the better. Although it seems like a simple question, the answer is not so simple. I will be ordering me one soon. I discovered this when I experienced a few power failures over the last year and a half during some bad storms.

The Dv I received had four 4 audio inputs, which the picture shown only has one. There are cases where the DVR has an unknown brand, this happens a lot with Chinese models that are manufactured without a brand and sold to third parties that use a name like H.

I initially had some issues getting in touch with ZOSI, but they were responsive cpccam I wrote a review about my problems. I have done this in the past and somehow the dvr got messed, the cams are shown on a separate monitor and the picture started to freez etc. In all but one the issue was the hdd, vvr that disconnected the Dvr would run and not alarm or reboot.

It has started to beep every 5 mins.


You are going to remove the Account file. There is no need to connect the DVR to the computer, just run the software h.624 your computer, look at the DVR screen to see the date and time and use it in the password generator software. Click the image to enlarge. Use the DVR factory default password 2.

[ Software ]

I will update once I hear from Tech Support about this. This is less likely to exist than a product sticker, but some security system suppliers put their brand on the DVR case.

I periodically vacuum around the fan to cpczm the dust at bay but this recorder has been operating impressively flawless.

When the DVR Off, follow these steps: See All Buying Options. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. You can connect directly from the DVR to your computer or use a router. Or all of a suddent it beeps and switches off and comes back automaticly. Here are some ways to try to solve the lost password problem, if any of the methods worked for you please leave your comment below to help others.

If you have another experience that solved the problem, also leave your comment to share the knowledge with others. It worked like a charm. After the reset use the factory default user and password: I must also say that the customer care assistance by the company is awesome only issue is a language barrier which can easily be fixed by having persons who speak proper English.

How to use the Dahua DVR password generator. If your DVR has the internal chip manufactured by Hisilicon, there is a great chance that the DVR password generator will work, depending on the model and year it was manufactured.


CPCAM USA :: Software

Some models known to have this chip are the H DVRs:. Type ” ls ” to get into h.264 directory. Same thing is happening to me after 1 month of use, before it just beeped when ever I was using a remote tv,avr,etc now it started beeping until I turn it dve, I had try every thing but still does the same thing help!

See the table below with the DVR default password for different manufacturers.

Vastech 4 Channel H DVR Package – Computer Parts Store and Vancouver Repair Service

In an ideal world, security system suppliers would make it easy to identify the products that they supply and easy to find support online, however, most of our competitors do not do this lucky for us. Remember that over the years the chips that are used by DVRs can change and there is no guarantee that it works for all cases.

If have an email, see if that company is still in business and reachable. I just like the helpful information you provide for your articles.

It seems obvious, but trying to use the DVR h.624 password must be the first thing for a h.