Can anyone find a link or remember the cybergenics leg workout? I remember performing this in college and experienced a substantial. Cybergenics called their program a “steroid replacement system.” The real key to the Cybergenics program was really the training routine. Cybergenics training routine, learn about the Cybergenics total bodybuilding system workout.

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It is no small wonder that we are constantly looking for that “secret exercise” or even more exciting a “secret routine” that will increase upper arm size dramatically. There should be no rest whatsoever between each set of the cycle.

It was brutal, but very affective. People used to tel me they got tired just whatching me. It was like clockwork. Cybergenics Phase 1 Chest Workout Here is the workout he used.

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Cybergenics Chest Workout

Their spokesperson was a bodybuilder by the name of Franco Santoriello. I had never done anything so hard core before. Paul Carter May 1, at There should be no rest whatsoever between each set of the cycle. You could probably do the diet and training and see “something” in the way of results not sure what they would be though honestly without ever taking any of the magic pixie dust. Tetsujin September 4, at 1: I’m getting flashbacks just reading these workouts.

Get your cyberrgenics shrunk right here! The example shown above is only to worklut how the workouts are planned but the diet is something that changes a lot because the Cybergenics program explains exactly how and when you should change it.


December 31, Below are just a few examples: Cybergenic not offer superfluous assistance as it is dangerous and counterproductive to the Cybergenics effect.

At the end of it my lifts were up a few notches, my BMI cybergenice remarkably improved, and my running times sprints to 2-mile run were much better.

Cybergenics Training Routine

I was in a cybsrgenics academy in the early 90’s, and one of my classmates shelled out the money to buy the supplements. The supplements are called isolates.

I cringe thinking of trying that now at my age. Demosthenes on November 14, Now that I’m 43 I picked up the manual and restarted the routine.

Make the next worrkout hours the most productive ever in arm gains. One Rep Max Calculator Instructions: I never fell for Cybergenics but only because it as a few years before I had money. Placed myself in ketosis.

TheModernPatriot May 1, at Once in ketosis my energy level did owrkout change. Do not count repetitions, as there is no designated number that should be performed.

Cybergenics Workout Program For Building A Massive Chest

Cyebrgenics found this Googling Cybergenics: Rest between cycles is only 1 minute, or as long as it takes your training partner to complete his cycle. I fell for it back in the day, because I didn’t know better but it did do something for me, I ignored everything from magazines after that and got huge and strong being my own research on my body.

Spend many years in Jersey and New York and had my fill of “mall hair” jersey girls – I can tell you that for sure. Health and Fitness for those who are Workoout Challenged.


Cybergenics Workout

Powered by SMF 1. I thought it was awesome He had tried it for two days and it was far too intense for him. Believe it or not. C ybergenics used to be one of the top dogs back in the late 80’s and early 90’s. BB on November 14, cybergenucs, If your chest growth is lagging, give this workout a try.

I used the program, but couldn’t afford the supplements so I borrowed the VHS from a friend and copied down all of the days, exercises and rep and then went at it religiously for that time period.

Tyler May 1, at Spice Up Your Affirmations! Concentrate everything and focus every bit of energy on every set and every repetition. November 20, And, cybeergenics though I knew full well that it was NOT the supplements that gave me worrkout results, I considered it money well spent just for the impetus to do it.

Caloric intake is at least 2 times your BMR bodyweight in lbs. Fresh off a spaghetti binge How could I doubt him? Enter the amount of weight you lifted and the number of reps you lifted it for the number of reps must be between 1 and 10 in order for the calculation wofkout work.