Doumbek Rhythm Cheat Sheet. Uploaded by Carmine T. Guida. This is a rhythm sheet I used to give out in classes. Please feel free to share this as much as you. Dumbek rhythms are a collection of rhythms that are usually played with hand drums such as the dumbek. These rhythms are various combinations of these. Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Music Rhythms: Diagrams and Performance Aids .. and rolls. Darbuka Belly doumbek solo with a frame drum back up.

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It may also be called “Murrabba Jaza’ira”. AksakEncyclopedia Brittanica Online, Web. I loved vari Zembekiko and Tsamiko vari – heavy: This movement was responsible for bringing orchestra style ensembles and harmonic music to the middle eastern mix. The Rhythm Diagrams and Sound Files: It is played in areas of the Middle East from Turkey through to Egypt.

Dpumbek Islamic fundamentalists have held that music for pleasure rather than to worship or to declare the glory of Allah is a sinful distraction — however throughout history Islamic rulers and no doubt the general populace tended to patronize the musical arts.

The Masmoudi I’ve reverted to rythms common transliteration rhythm is characteristically a joining of two 4-beat phrases. Modern Spain still has remnants of Arabic influences despite a reaction to purge as much Moorish culture from the region as possible after the Moors were driven from the country. Not upbeat enough for a candelabra dance. Zembekiko was born from Rembetika and came out of the war periods 20’s – 40’s.

Here is a page with notes for a class I taught on documenting rhythmic modes in pre Middle Eastern music.

Guy Shalom demonstrates the Vox. A 3 leading beat version is called “walking masmoudi” — the even stride making it particularly suited for marching. For this same reason, it is also a good idea to keep all of your variations to a multiple of four measures. Often organized in triplets, 1 triplet per beat.


In the past it had been hard to find good imported Middle Eastern drums, but these days dou,bek are many places to order inexpensive, quality drums. Complements Ayoob and Kartachi.

It is very confusing because a very similar Arabic word “taq-sim” means “split” or “divided” and can be used to refer generally to “maqsuum”. This is used for many Horos dances. Where else can I read about Middle Eastern rhythm history?

It was a way for people to express their pain – the songs then were all about hardship, poverty, loss, etc. I’m not certain what it is called, though I have always thought of it as a ‘Slide’. Questions and comments can be sent to me via e-mail at the address listed doumbej the bottom of this page. Musical phrases were built of patterns of long and short — sometimes these patterns repeated.

The dance is traditionally done solo, doumbel with a hunched stance and often with a smoke in one hand and a drink in the other, representing the sorrow they feel and the fact that they’re rythms it duombek drink. This guide provides a basic set of hints and tips for the beginning drummer, as well as a list of basic Middle Eastern rhythms and a few of their different variations.

One of these versions is sometimes called “warring masmoudi” — supposedly it sounds like a man and woman arguing. Short and Clear video, posted by Salah Said.

To keep things straight, do not dance a karsilama solo dance; dance a solo dance to the karsilma rhythm. Note that in Egypt doubek is pronounced gurgina. Zembekiko is a popular traditional Greek solo dance for men — I have heard it described as “a guy dancing around a glass of ouzo on the floor looking like he’s rolling dice” this description is perhaps “tourist-ish”.

It is usually filled as an 8-beat rhythm and has a much different feel. Hey, I’m not proud. The muwashshah form, which was utilized by major poets, also emerged as a dokmbek form and survived as such in North African cities and in the Levant, an area covering what is known historically as greater Syria and Palestine.


Quddaam, although written as a 3 often comes out at least in songs I’ve heard sounding like a 2 or a 4 — especially when it gets fast and it does. Darbuka Belly doumbek solo with a frame drum back up.

Short clear videogoing from slow and simple to fast and complex.

Improvisation between oud and riqq. I say theoretically because the ‘Ka’, as many people mistakenly call it including me, see ‘The Tek vs the Ka’ belowcan be much more difficult to achieve for the new drummer. Karim Nagi tambourine and drum instruction DVDs.

Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Music Rhythms: Diagrams and Performance Aids

After that I saw it danced many times, then it went out of style. We do know that they tended to use a system that had two values for time long and short where the “long” was from one and a half to two times longer than the short.

These rhythms tend to be found more in art music rather than folk music of the Middle East. Drum shapes and traditional playing styles. I enjoy it myself. Many folks start out learning two sounds: Patterns of Rhythm From Families of Drums. I have also heard “dawr hindii” called “sheelto” I don’t know whether this is correct as I’ve also heard a similar 6 beat rhythm referred to as rhytjms.

Quick and Dirty Guide to the Doumbek

Here are some rhythms that are traditionally used in this form of Andalusian musical presentation known as “nubaat”. It is sometimes used to accompany a taaqasiim melodic improvisation.

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