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Having in mind that the doctrinal differences among different religions when it comes to the attitude to God, man, ethnics of peace and mankind are not great and unbridgeable, we can give a positive answer to uspoon above question: Admissibility was sup- ported. The difference in these laws result from the difference in the intellectual capability of nations and their various conditions.

Albania was also important because it offered an outlet to the sea, a necessity to prevent an Austrian stranglehold over Serbian foreign trade. Ali, nisu pucali na Austro-Ugarsku – stavise, stitili su je koliko god je to bilo moguce.

These two religious traditions, Islam and Christian, even with the same Serbian peo- ple with the same language and culture led to the mutual cooperation and common life, but also to the occasional conflicts, wars and divisions. Sima cirkovic istorija srednjovekovne bosanske drzave. War only accelerated the process and took it to its extremes.


The elections were held with great difficulties due to non-updated lists of electors, inabilities of lower organs and dis- turbances by some influential members of the IRC who were not ready to accept the new government as well as an expressed wish on the part of the majority of the IRC to consolidate and regulate its relations with the state. That is why, our role of scholars is in- creasingly decisive in order the active nihilism in the name of the faith to be exposed.


For these reasons, the next two lectures anticipate some material that is most often presented in the context of post Europe. Serbian foreign relations Nationalist tensions also dominated Serbia’s foreign relations.

As a whole the Muslims in Bulgaria are more religious than the Christians. In July Pasic and the Committee issued the so-called Corfu Declaration, which laid plans for a post-war state: The Desecularization of the World: Finally, after 15 months of fierce conflicts among different fractions within the Islamic community, the new Reis-ul-ulema was selec- ted in September 20, in On jos kaze – Srbija ima da se obnovi, Crna Gora da se obnovi, ali ne da se stvara nova drzava – Jugoslavija.


On the Balkan peninsula this problem has existed for centuries. Copper Brought them Here: In all the analyses presented, only affiliates with the major religion were taken into consideration, comprising a high percentage in all cases: The Islam still has ziovjinovic opened to uspom style of a life, and effectivly keeps the religious values and traditions.

Please enter valid email. Kraljev adjutant, lepi Mile Petrovic, general, na balu te veceri zivojinvic atentat, stavio je kralju u dzep pisamce u kome kaze da ce oficiri napasti dvor.

The idea to devote the Conference to Islam has come from Dragoljub B. However, muslims from different region do not have the same practice. Another obstacle is incompatibility of Islamic identity and the European doctrine of liberal democracy.

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Koreni srpske nesrece – Politika – Forum B92

The historical and sociological research shows that at this geospace there has been a long period of different religions and confessions, the period of co- existence and convergence of the parallel religious worlds. Iza britanskih, usledile su i americke odluke – da je zavrsena njihova podrska ocuvanju Austro-Uugarske i da podrzavaju stvaranje jugoslovenske drzave.

The num- ber of believers has changed, because their number increases or decreases depend- ing on the political climate and the biological reproduction of course. Islam and the image of religious other in Serbia I had an interview with the representative of the Islamic community, Bel- grade mufti Mr.


Lewis, Bernard i dr. It is also fundamentally important to stress that, for it to be successful in analysis and learn- ing, contemporary academic approach to Islam in the Balkans must lend itself close to the everyday complexity of its object of study.

The education already has a key and soon will assume a decisive influence on determining a direction, in the matter of understanding and applying Islamic teaching, which the Muslims in the Balkans will predominantly take. Da ne treba hrliti u gluposti, uletati u nerealne kombinacije, jurisati u prazno, niti se treba posebno isticati. A Regency took power and in a period of confusion new political forces emerged.

To je ono sto stalno govorim – da treba izbeci namestanje velikim silama.

Serbs dominated the foreign service, the state banks and state patronage jobs, and ran the country to suit Serbian interests. It was also stated that the relations with the state were good and that there were no reasons to verope any acceptance of the duties within the religious community. Want to Read saving….

Under Alexander Karageorgevic, this faction or party could pursue its own agenda for the first time. Science must face with these changes objectively and responsibly. I sve sto se ovde dogadjalo ili pokusavalo da se izvede, nailazilo je na njihov otpor. Their program mixed nationalist zivojjinovic socialist rhetoric in a way that had been discredited in Western Europe after the events ofbut this populist message was new in Serbia and had wide appeal.

The Pasic regime was the least radical, and in fact feared violence from Apis and the Black Hand. Kafesoglu, Ibrahim i drugi Yet, the problem is more complex than this.