Dhanalakshmi College of Engineering, Chennai. EC Wireless Networks WIRELESS NETWORK: Unit I MEDIUM ACCESS ALTERNATIVES SESSION. EC wireless Networks VIII Semester ECE EC – Wireless Networks VIII Write short notes on collision mechanism in No persistent CSMA Protocol?. ECWIRELESS NETWORKS. is unique about voice voice oriented wireless network? write short notes on i> SMS in GSM ii>RAKE receiver.

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After receiving acknowledgement signal, the channel is free. List the challenges involved in Adhoc network architecture.

These resources are used for data services which does not require severe delay. What is meant by Handoff? Define the types of wireless sensor Networks.

EC Wireless Network – Question bank | Devasena A. –

List the parameters that influence the handoff. Location tracking is required when the network attempts to deliver a call to the mobile user. Then the station transmits its packet. Explain in detail roaming support in wireless network. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.


Dhanalakshmi College of Engineering, Chennai. What is meant by wireless sensor network?

Why does an AP in wireless network act as a bridge? The network makes the handoff decision based on wirleess from the MS. EC Wireless Networks E. On what parameters Handoff depends on? List the three types of service provided by GSM. Explain the reference architecture of CDPD networks.

What is meant by soft handoff? Describe the Bluetooth architecture with relevant sketch. List the classifications of the services of wireless security notex. What is the data rate of Bluetooth?

What is meant by capacity on-demand principle in GPRS networks?

Wireless Networks Notes ECE 8th Semester Notes

Explain in detail about IEEE EC Wireless Networks Due to fading, packets from different transmitting stations can arrive with different transmitting power values.

Remember me on wirelsss computer.

List the three basic rules or etiquette of spectrum. List the parameters that influence the Handoff. What is meant by NAM? What are the two types of protocols used to handle multiple access issues? Help Center Find new research papers in: Consistent with other security mechanisms Prepred by Negworks.


Explain in detail the random access for mobile data services and wireless LAN data services. EC Wireless Networks 8.