Tithe: el reino de la corte oscura by Holly Black at – ISBN X – ISBN – Ediciones Alfaguara – Literatura.(82) Libros infantiles y juveniles.() Alfaguara. Madrid. 22 cm. p. EncuadernaciĆ³n en tapa dura de editorial. Black, Holly “Beautiful Creatures” series (The Caster Chronicles). The popular paranormal romance series include 4 books, that tell the story of Ethan and Lena, two teens.

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I wanted to know how the characters felt about being tortured and whatnot. There are still all the authors I hope to meet! Not enough world building, not enough character growth, not enough relationship building.

Kaye needs to rely on what she learned as a human to help her survive the world that had always called to her. Go figure with this book.


Of course, “good” and “bad” will intermingle and swap around throughout the course of the story as is appropriate in a faerie tale and she has to look after herself and mis-trust her lifelong faerie friends. Some of the dark faeries are overdrawn and excessively macabre, but on the whole the faeries are the highlight of the text.

View all 4 comments. She is beautifully flawed. Ironside was engaging and twisted in all the right places. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. What precipitated that decision?


You see I have a system I b,ack systems, plans, self-imposed missions, that kind of thing where I always have a library book ready to be picked up.

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Everywhere she turned, faeries were there calling out hollly her. I had forgotten so much of the plot in this book, and the first thing that surprised me upon rereading it was actually how problematic some of the writing is!

Hold her mom’s hair back and nurse her back to health. Tithe is a mix of wonde As a child, Kaye had faery friends; throughout her life, she has always been unusual. How will Kaye deal with all of this strangeness is what the book is about and what happens after that. Tithe is basically about a girl named Kaye who often travels with her mom and her rock band, but now Honestly, I think I should give up with reading fantasy books.

His presence felt regal, and I quite enjoyed his strength. It has been a few years since I have read this so I might be forgetting a few things. Val is not as prominent in this novel, but one of her street rat friends is. Tithe by Holly Black – March 2.

El Tributo de la Corte Oscura

I just wasn’t a fan of any of the characters. Black did a poor job of making their love believable. Table 18 Will sign: Her childhood friends, filled with innocence and folly, have darkened over time. View all 9 comments. The plot is only half about faeries. There’s a lot of swearing and stuff Does this series have romance? Suddenly everything seems to be sprinting ahead after somewhat wailing in dope for half of the book The book stop making sense after a certain point of time because the central character is a hazy picture and then the author manages to run her narration with keeping half the stuff inside her head and half on the paper and by which I mean that the story mentions and behaves as if we had to read some kind of companion book before reading this.


She may not have been an All American do gooder, but she certainly fell within a stereotype, just not a very flattering one.

The world is dark and painful. Pretty much one of the most intriguing concepts of the Young Adult genre is how many adults are reading it now. Table 16 Will sign: This was ok, the plot moved along pretty fast and the reading hollh simple, to the point and fueled with ugly, dark situations that normally tend to make my skin crawl.