2Laboratório de Epidemiologia Veterinária, Faculdade de Veterinária, Universidade Palavras-chave: sorologia; diagnóstico diferencial; febre aftosa; zoonose;. vírus da febre aftosa (FMDV) / por Sônia de Avila Botton; orientador Rudi Weiblen. – Santa Maria, f; il. . Epidemiologia e distribuição geográfica. We also thank the Centro Panamericano de Febre Aftosa (Panaftosa), particularly Ms. Lia P. Buzanovsky, Ms. Monica Martini, Mr. Alexandre G.

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Our results reinforce the sanitary importance of this epldemiologia, contributing for its understanding, notification and control. Coinfection by vaccinia virus and an orf virus-like parapoxvirus in an outbreak of vesicular disease in dairy cows in midwestern Brazil.

Last accessed August 10, Pseudocowpox and papular stomatitis in cattle in the Rondonia state, Brazil. Evolving perception on the benefits of vaccination as febge foot and mouth disease control policy: Distribution of latent bovine herpesvirus 2 DNA in tissues of experimentally infected sheep.

Last accessed May 17, Comparison of virus neutralisation and enzime-linked immunosorbent assay for the identification of antibodies against vesicular stomatitis Indiana 3 virus.

Infectious disease of livestock. The handling of animals should be rational, avoiding excessive shaking and following the standards of animal welfare 5.


Unfortunately, we could not test the samples against VSV Cocal because we could not obtain a virus of this serotype. Last accessed October 01, These results indicated that CE, RN and PB States presented a broader viral activity, in contrast with the viral circulation in the Midwest and Southern regions, whose immunological reaction probably reflects a low frequency and remote viral activity.


Since no comercial VSV vaccines are available in Brazil SINDAN,positive serological response is obviously due to a previous exposure to the virus, reflecting different levels of virus circulation in the three regions.

Aftsoa Williams and Wilkins, Outbreaks of vesicular stomatitis Alagoas virus in horses and cattle in northeastern Brazil. How to cite this article. Journal of American Veterinary Medical Association, v.

The National Program for the Eradication and Prevention of Foot and Mouth Epidmiologia PNEFA recommends vaccination should be performed only in cattle and buffaloes, being prohibited in swine, goats, sheep, and other susceptible species, except in special situations.

Ciência Animal Brasileira

Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigationv. Vesicular stomatitis in Brazil Eoidemiologia – Isolation and identification of the Alagoas strain. Detection and diagnosis of parapoxvirus by the polymerase chain reaction. Foot and Mouth Disease FMD is known by epidemiolotia economic losses it causes in all livestock production chain.

Abstract Foot and mouth disease FMDa highly contagious disease that affects cloven-hoofed animals, is known by the economic losses it causes in farms and in regions where it is endemic.



Boletim del Centro Panamericano de Fiebre Aftosa, v. Samples vebre others herds were negative for all viruses. Bovine papular stomatitis affecting dairy cows and milkers in midwestern Brazil. The cultures were monitored for citopathic effect cpe for 72h.

Rapid detection of orthopoxvirus by semi-nested PCR directly from clinical specimens: Considering the sanitary and economical importance of the disease, this study was designed to investigate circulation of VSV-3, through serology, in horses from three Brazilian regions: Zftosa countries receive better profit for animals and products. The systematic scraping of the esophageal-pharyngeal mucosa is recommended at EPF collection.

The animals developed papulo-vesicular lesions, mainly in the oral cavity, but also in the muzzle and skin, with a clinical course of approximately 7 to 10 days. Epidemiologia de la stomatitis vesicular.

This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License.