subspecies of mammal (donkey as a domesticated subspecies). Equus africanus. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species e. TA TAen. Common name, Donkey. Synonym, Equus africanus asinus. Other names, › African ass ›African wild ass ›Somali wild ass ›ass ›domestic ass. Rank, SPECIES.

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Cotentin domestic donkey (Equus africanus asinus) jenny nuzzling newborn foal, France.

Greeks spread both of these to many of their colonies, including those in what are now Italy, France and Spain; Romans dispersed them throughout their empire. The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong. The size of a mule africanuw work to which it is put depend largely on the breeding of the mule’s female parent dam. Because of the mule’s ability to carry at least as much as a horse, their trait of being sure-footed along with their tolerance of poorer coarser foods and abilities to tolerate arid terrains, mule trains were common caravan organized means of animal powered bulk transport back into pre-classical qsinus.

Working donkeys are often associated with those living at or below subsistence levels. Some suggest that a donkey needs to be fed only straw preferably barley strawsupplemented with controlled grazing in the summer or hay in the winter, [63] to get all the energy, protein, fat and vitamins it requires; others recommend some grain to be fed, particularly to working animals, [5] and others advise against feeding straw. By the 19th century, the donkey was portrayed with more positive attributes by popular authors.

This file contains additional information such as Exif metadata which may have been added by the digital camera, scanner, or software program used to create afficanus digitize it. Volume of Supplements to Vetus Testamentum. The genus appears to have spread quickly into the Old World, with the similarly aged Equus livenzovensis documented from western Europe and Russia.


The genus Equuswhich includes all extant equines, is believed africauns have evolved from Dinohippus afircanus, via the intermediate form Plesippus.

By the end of the 17th century, changes in pronunciation of both ass and arse had caused them to become homophones. Few receive adequate food, and in general donkeys throughout the Third World are under-nourished and over-worked.

It is sometimes known as the Wild Asian Ass. Donkeys are adapted to marginal desert lands. Small numbers of donkeys are kept for breeding or as pets in developed countries. Jennies are usually very protective of their foalsand some will not come into estrus while they have a foal at side.

However, it is the only impure animal that falls under the mitzvah commandment of firstborn ” bechor ” consecration that also applies to humans and pure animals See Petter Chamor. They also require salt and mineral supplements, and access to clean, fresh water.

This difference is possibly due to donkeys being an important aspect of many Spaniards’ lives at this point in time. Commercial pack mules are used recreationally, such as to supply mountaineering base camps, and also to supply trail building and maintenance crews, and backcountry footbridge building crews.

In prosperous countries, the welfare of donkeys aainus at home and abroad has become a concern, africanuss a number afrivanus sanctuaries for retired and rescued donkeys have been set up. Retrieved March 24, In the United States, “burro” is used as a loan word by English speakers to describe any small donkey used primarily as a pack animal, as well as to describe the feral donkeys that live in ArizonaCaliforniaOregonUtahTexas and Nevada.


Equus Africanus Asinus Stock Photos & Equus Africanus Asinus Stock Images – Alamy

Archived from the original PDF on William Wordsworth portrayed the donkey as loyal africanue patient in his poem Peter Bell: Kaumbutho Meeting the challenges of animal traction.

Extant Perissodactyla Odd-toed ungulates species by suborder. Renewed attention to the regional burro helped start a breeding campaign for its preservation, and its numbers have increased.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. A Dictionary of American Proverbs. A male donkey jack can be crossed with a female horse to produce a mule. According to Old Testament prophecy, the Messiah is said to arrive on a donkey: It can be found in high elevations of up to 3, m altitude and the permanent snow line of about 5, meters.

In the number of donkeys in the world was reported to be continuing to grow, as it had steadily done throughout most of history; factors cited as contributing to this were increasing human population, progress in economic development and social stability in some poorer nations, conversion afrianus forests to farm and range land, rising prices of africanjs vehicles and fuel, and the popularity of donkeys as pets.

The breeding of large, white riding asses made Damascus famous [ citation needed ]while Syrian breeders developed at least three other breeds, including one preferred by women for its easy gait.