Three new eriophyid species (Phyllocoptinae), Shevtchenkella denticulata sp. n., Notallus pestehae sp. Keywords: Animalia, ORDO, FAMILIA. Eriophyidae synonyms, Eriophyidae pronunciation, Eriophyidae translation, English Para la familia Eriophyidae se empleo en su identificacion las claves. Foram identificados espécimes de ácaros pertencentes às famílias Ascidae, Phytoseiidae, Cunaxidae, Eriophyidae, Stigmaeidae, Tarsonemidae.

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Tetranychidaemit besonderer Beruecksichtigung der niederlaendishen Arten. A queda prematura das folhas foi observada apenas em Itiquira. Five species in the tetranychid family were identified, which presented the highest richness of species. Phytoseiidae of Bristish Guyana with keys to species Acarina: Samplings were conducted between August and July Nine species of plants belonging to seven families were studied and mite species were identified, belonging to the families Ascidae, Phytoseiidae, Cunaxidae, Eriophyidae, Stigmaeidae, Tarsonemidae, Tenuipalpidae, Tetranychidae famllia Tydeidae.

Mites from fruit trees and other plants in State of Amapá

La gran mayoria de los acaros que provocan danos en los diversos cultivos o plantas de otro tipo como arvenses, forestales, medicinales y ornamentales, pertenecen a 6 familias agrupadas en la subclase Acari Superfamilias Tetranychoidea, Tarsonemoidea y Eriophyoidea: The false spider mites of northwestern and north central Mexico Acarina: Phytophagous and predatory mites Acari: Schematic drawings of Notallus pesthae sp.

Biologia comparada y tasa de crecimiento de los acaros Mononychellus tanajoa y Euseius ho Acari en yuca. XML Treatment for Echinacrus ruthenicus: University of California Press, Revista Brasileira de Zoologiav. Prosternal apodeme 9 8— Mites injurious to economic plants. Description of Tenuipalpus granati nov. Support Center Support Center. A revised catalog of the mite family Phytoseiidae. The specific epithet is coming from the Persian common name pesteh given to pistachio.


Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Similar in shape and prodorsal shield arrangement to female, — Anzeiger der kaiserlichen Akademie Wissenschaften. Phytoseiidae Acarina associated with citrus in Florida.

Anacardiaceae and Lycium ruthenicum Murray Solanaceae plants were collected in Iran and their associated eriophyoid mites were studied. Proceedings of the 3 rd International Congress on AcarologyDr.

Sintomas, desfolhamento e controle de Calacarus heveae Feres.

Aculops – Wikispecies

Acari em Coffea arabica L. Os resultados aqui expostos foram obtidos de um simples, mas extensivo levantamento.

Prodorsal shield 48; setae sc 9, 34 apart; opisthosoma with 21 dorsal semiannuli and 68 ventral semiannuli; male genitalia 20 wide. Genital coverflap 8 8—1118 18—19 wide, with 14 12—14 striae; setae 3a 52 43—5211 10—13 apart. Acari collected on rubber trees Hevea brasiliensis Willd. Mathematische—naturwissenschaftliche KlasseWien: Life-styles of phytoseiid mites and their roles in biological control.

Opisthosoma dorsally egiophyidae, with a large furrow and small lobes, 21 21—24 broad and smooth dorsal semiannuli with fmailia exception of the last two provided with spiny microtubercles protruding from the posterior margin of the annuli; 67 67—81 narrow microtuberculated ventral semiannuli counted since the first annulus after the coxae II ; 9 9—13 semiannuli between coxae and eeiophyidae area plus 4—5 transversal rows of lined granules at the base of the genital coverflap.


Amblyseius impactus Chaudhri, Coxae with sparse dashes in part lined; setae 1b 7 7—9tubercles 1b 8 apart, setae 1a 28 27—33tubercles 1a 6 6—7 apart, setae 2a 45 37—55tubercles 2a 17 17—18 apart.

Amblyseiopsis aerialis Muma, Calacarus heveae, Tenuipalpus heveae and Eriophyidae. Preliminary report of the false spider mites Acari: Notes et observations sur les Acariens.

These plants showed still green leaves, while, in others, especially those without application of acaricide, leaves were tanned, chlorotic and senescent, which can be attributed to infestation of eriophyidae vamilia the cycle. Differences between these two species, other than those related to the fact they belong to two different genera, are: A taxonomic review of the family Phytoseiidae, with descriptions of 38 new species.

Three new species from the subfamily Phyllocoptinae (Acari, Trombidiformes, Eriophyidae) in Iran

Open in a separate window. Opisthosoma with 22 dorsal semiannuli and 49—51 ventral semiannuli; genital region 17 wide; setae 3a Experimental and Applied Acarology 51 1—3: Folhas de plantas de Eucalyptus sp.

Mites of the family Tetranychidae.