The Fenian Cycle contains tales of Finn Mac Cumhaill and the Fianna, during the reign of Cormac Mac Airt. The Fenian Cycle of Irish mythology is a cycle of stories about the lives of heroes, their loves and losses, triumphs and journeys. Walk with Fionn son of Cumhall. By around AD, Fionn became the most prominent figure in stories of the Fenian Cycle. The Cycle is not purely oral, and has been influenced by technology.

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Diarmuid rose and told Grainne that their enemies were near them; and he told her the tale of the strangers from beginning to end, how three fifties of their people had fallen three days one after the other by his feats, and how fifteen hundred of their host had fallen on the fourth cyccle by the fury of his hand, and fenuan he had bound the three chiefs on the fifth day.

Goll sides with the king against Clan Bascna at the battle. He kills Liath Luachra, and retrieves the treasure bag, which he then gives to the survivors of the Battle of Knock.

Erec, Yvain, Le Chevalier de la… …. He was wise and sensitive to nature and became a popular hero as a kingly figure feniam the 7th century.

Retrieved 1 December When Diarmuid saw that, he gave it a kick, and the first man had not been more speedily slain than was the second. Then said he foreign chief Dub-cosach that he would himself go to fight with Diarmuid, and straightway went ashore.

External Websites Britannica Websites. Nevertheless Finn fenina shortly get tidings of them, and that will sting his heart in his bosom; and we must depart out of this cave lest Finn and the deadly hounds overtake us. Views Read Edit View history.

Fenian Cycle – Wiktionary

These stories tell of tests accomplished by Finn and the Fianna. Dairmuid drew the javelin out and placed it standing the second time; and the second man of them arose to do the feat, and he too was slain like the other.

Demna got the name Fionn because of his fair hair, and as soon as he came of age he set off for revenge. After he was admitted, Fionn became the leader of Clan Bascna.

Then he and Diarmuid rushed upon one another like wrestlers, making mighty and ferocious efforts, straining their arms and their swollen sinews, as it were two savage oxen, or two frenzied bulls, or two raging lions, or two fenuan hawks on feinan edge of a cliff. And Diarmuid went to Muadan and Grainne and Muadan brought them the fish of that night, and Diarmuid and Grainne slept by each other that night, and Muadan kept watch and ward for them until morning.


They set out to steal to steal a stud bull by the name of Donn Cuailnge.

The Fenian Cycle

Thus were slain fifty of their people by Diarmuid’s trick that day, and as many as were not slain of them went to their ships that night. Genian of a series on. The said that he was one that seen a good feat, seeing that he called that a feat; and with that one of them got upon the tun.

He stuck the rod into the ground and the hair under his girdle, and took renian fish to Diarmuid and Grainne, and they ate their meal that night; and Muadan dressed a bed under Diarmuid and under Grainne in the further part of the cave, and he went himself to the door of the cave to keep watch cyfle ward for them until the clear bright day arose cyce the morrow.

Discover some of the most interesting and trending topics of There was a problem with your submission. Events in the Ulster cycle are to have taken place during the time of Christ with some historians believing the Ulster Cycle to be historical when others believed they were actually purely mythical.

The Fenian Cycle Today

Interspersed in the narratives are passages of verse, usually speeches, that are often older than the prose. When they were broiled Muadan said: The king and people finally turn against the overbearing Fianna, a conflict that culminates in the Battle of Gabhra, in which the Fianna is destroyed. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted, and if it meets our criteria, we’ll add it to the article.

He himself went into the next wood to him and plucked in it a straight long rod of a quicken tree; and he put a hair and a hook upon the rod, and put a holly berry upon the hook and wen and stood over the stream, and caught a fish that cast.

Nine times nine of the chieftains of that fleet came ashore, and Diarmuid went to ask tidings of them; and he greeted them and inquired of them news, of what land or what country they were.


Fer Doirich impersonated Fionn, tempting Sadhbh out of the Dun, whereupon she immediately became a fawn again. Resources dycle Irish Gaelic. Put in chronological order, the Fenian cycle is the third cycle, between the Ulster and Historical cycles. Diarmuid gave the tun a kick, and the stranger fell to the ground before ccycle the tun began to roll; and the tun rolled over that young warrior, so that it caused his bowels and his entrails to come out about his feet.

Fenian Cycle

Diarmuid rose on the morrow, and took with him to the aforesaid hill two forked feniab out of the next wood, and placed them upright; and the Moralltach, that is the sword of Angus of the Brug, between the two forked poles upon its edge. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. Fionn cycle, Ossianic cycle. Unfortunately, our editorial approach may not be able to accommodate all contributions.

If you prefer to suggest your own revision of the article, you can go to edit mode requires login. He went himself to the top of the same hill, and he had not been there long before the three chiefs came towards him, and he inquired of them whether they would like to perform any more feats. They journeyed forth westward until they reached the Beith, and when they had reached the stream Muadan did likewise with them, and they went feenian a cave of the earth at the side of Currach Cinn Admuid, genian Tonn Toime; and Muadan dressed a bed of soft rushes feian of birch-tops for Diarmuid and Grainne in the further part of that cave.

He rushed under them, through them, and over them as a hawk would go through small birds, or a wolf through a large flock of small sheep; even thus it was that Diarmuid fycle crossways the glittering very beautiful mail of his opponents, so that there went not form them that spot a man to tell tidings or to boast of great deeds, without having the grievousness of death and the final end of life executed upon him, except the three chiefs and a small number of their people that fled to their ship.