FOTOĞRAFTA KOMPOZiSYON. TA. TC Aslı Aşnaz. Updated 26 May Transcript. ÖLÇEKLENDİRME. KOMPOZiSYON. YER ÇEKİMİ. ALTIN NOKTALAR. En iyi fotoğraf makinesi ve en iyi lens sizde, ama yine de istediğiniz veya etkilendiğiniz bir fotoğraf çekemiyor musunuz? Fotoğraflarınız sadece arkası flu olm. Fotoğrafta Kompozisyon – Fotoğraf Teknikleri – Tahir YILDIZ. Fotoğrafta kompozisyon ve 1/3 kuralı, altın oran, ritm, çizgiler ve şekiller gibi temel fotoğraf.

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Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:.

Fotoğrafta kompozisyon – Tom Grill – Google Books

Basic information Course title: Photograph In Architecture Course code: First Cycle Undergraduate Type of course: Area Elective Language of instruction: Turkish Mode of delivery: Face to face Pre- and co-requisites: No Purpose of the course: Photography is an importand method that was found out nearly years ago and has shown very rapid change and development to the present day, and provides a visual way transmission in every field.


Tecniques and aesthetis sides of photography are taught. Learning outcomes Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: Experience visual perception of architectural and urban compositions.

Contribution to Program Outcomes Obtain the basic knowledge of architecture. Perform academic research in the field of architecture and the skill fotohrafta critical thinking.

Design sustainable architectural and urban kompozisyln that correspond functional, aesthetic and technical requirements. Follow up contemporary technologies in the context of improvement of professional practice.

Develop consciousness about the requirements of professional development. Think independently and critically in the area of profession. Generate original and creative solutions for architectural problems by using contemporary technology.

Type of Assessment Term paper. Type of Assessment Written exam Term paper.

Özer Kanburoğlu – Photography

Development of photography in the Ottoman Empire and Turkey. Duration Hours per week. Own studies outside class: Own study for mid-term exam: Personal studies for final exam: