Table: Longitudinal race: Cross race: Vertical race: Engine power to pin: Ram race: 10 speeds: 10 rates are: Equipment: Moving fast on the three movements. table dimensions:1 x [mm] – X stroke [mm] – Y stroke [mm] – Z stroke [mm] – spindle power:3 [kW] – weight:1 [kg]. This machine tool is. Brand: Gambin. Model: 10N. Year: Serial: Gambin 10N. Milling Milling machine. Brand: Gambin. Model: 10N. Year: Serial:

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Differentiating between various milling machine variants The design of the universal milling machine is not suitable for every application: Send me the best deals. Another key aspect of universal milling machines is the way in which they can be easily extended with every type gqmbin tool.

If serial quality individual pieces need to be created from solid steel that are highly resilient and precise, the quality of the mill needs to match.

Exapro About Exapro Jobs Blog. In order to reduce wear on tools and enhance gambi, milling machines should always be fitted with cooling lubrication. View all Industrial Auctions. How often do series need to be produced? The design of the universal milling machine is not suitable for every application: Home Metal – machine tools Milling – universal milling machines. As such, buying gambun second-hand universal milling machine from a brand-name manufacturer is a good economical alternative in the majority of cases.

Universal milling machine GAMBIN type 10N

Also known as universal gamin, these machines are widely available on the market in countless versions. Universal milling machines 9 used machines found.

Industry does offer a range of milling machines optimised for true serial production, but those looking to construct prototypes, produce small series, ga,bin train staff need look no further than the basic universal mill.


When choosing a suitable machine, it is worth clarifying the following questions: Specifications X axis We are at your service: Please note that this description may have been translated automatically.

Another aspect to consider prior to purchase is the milling accessories available gambbin cubes, machine vices, dividing apparatus, additional milling tools, etc. In an ideal scenario, buyers should perform a test run on a prospective second-hand machine with a sample piece and then measure it using a micrometre screw to ensure the machine is capable of attaining the quality desired.

Universal gajbin machines are available in manual, cycle-controlled, and CNC versions. Scratches and dull paint are unavoidable in older used mills, so if a second-hand device is presented in a shining new coat of paint, the gxmbin should be very cautious.

It is much more important that all the tracks can be spun by hand with ease without any noticeable resistance on the hand wheel. How does Exapro work?

EAMTM | Used machine tools and second hand machines

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A work table and two working spindles The milling spindles and the milling table itself perform coordinated movements to create the finished product, which can vary based on the design and manufacturer. Entry prices offered by this company for new machining equipment are as low as euros — an almost unbelievable figure.

Here is a selection of similar machines Loading similar machines The universal milling machine is one of the most important types of cutting tool for metalworking alongside the universal lathe. Index Versatile metalworking with the universal milling machine Areas of application for universal mills Universal mill add-ons What do I need to know before buying a universal milling machine?


No spam – Unsubscribe anytime. The harder, heavier, larger and more precise a completed workpiece, the higher quality the agmbin milling machine design needs to be. Universal mill add-ons In order to reduce wear on tools and enhance precision, milling machines should always be fitted with cooling lubrication. Do you want to stay informed about the availability of this machine? You have the same machine gambkn sell? This site uses cookies.

Universal milling machines vary greatly in terms of size, gambib tolerances, and processing options.

Copyright Exapro s. A close appraisal is a must when buying a second-hand universal milling machine and should involve inspection of the guide mechanisms to ensure they do not experience any play. What tolerance ranges need to be met?

For infrequent milling process on trial prototypes or fittings, simpler machines will be adequate. Such milling machines are also found in a large number of repair workshops.

Electrical issues, on the other hand, are not as critical, as these can generally be fixed on used, manual universal mills without major effort. A newcomer to the field of universal milling machines is 100n, which is known for its highly gambni universal mills — even when brand new. These benchmark characteristics are certainly sufficient for producing satisfactory results from soft metals, such as aluminium, bronze or copper, but even steel can be processed to some extent. When choosing a suitable machine, it is worth clarifying the following questions:.

Other specialist types of milling machine include the bed-type milling machine and the knee-type milling machine.