Bach made an impromptu visit to King Frederick the Great of Prussia, and was . Gödel, Escher, and Bach are deeply intertwined in this very short Dialogue. on: Gödel, Escher, Bach: A Mental Space Odyssey Not % sure if that torrent is legit, but I’ve had the mp4 files on my harddisk for a few. I don’t think it’s at all pretentious, it’s just an exploration of a bunch of fun things that occurred to Hofstadter, some of which probably occurred to.

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Where would I find the typos you’re referring to? Study basics work free ebook pdf kindle reader online textbook epub electronic summary of the book Godel Escher Bach: I’ve read the book twice, in my opinion this is one book you really want a hard copy of. When something is described as “prententious” it piques my interest. DharmaSoldat on Jan 5, One thing that stood out during my reading was Hofstadter’s speculation on the reproduction of viruses.


I think it is still relevant and recommend it. Godel, Escher, Bach may well be the maraschino cherry atop this skyscraper sundae of publications; Cornelius Escher, and Johann Sebastian Bach together in.

An Eternal Golden Braid. The s physics classic is revisited 28 years later. But I would also really love an electronic version as well. When I read it in high school, I thought it was great. It’s dated, but it’s interesting.

mp4 format here | Hacker News

First published inthis is a genuine interdisciplinary work of nonfiction, with dozens of historical references Contrast “good old-fashioned AI” with “machine learning”, where the representations are as minimalistic and low-level as possible, because the only important thing is that when you update them a few billion times the right results emerge statistically. Anyone curious about existance, life, and how the whole system works will be amazed by the author’s expertise on the subject; as if DH had been working on it since decades.


Is this seriously the reason? I found Quora answers on this topic to be good. I remember reading this but can’t remember finishing it so I presume I’m one of the multitude who let it slide halfway through. I own a really old hardback version that’s in decent condition. When those situations arise, IMHO the best advice is to give it a go and form your own opinion. Looks like they were copy pasted from an auto-truncated source or something.

Whereas the year-old me loved the Bach as well as the whimsy, appreciating the connection between maths and real structures. A format much imitated since. Log in or sign up in seconds.

I’m still glad I read it, so I guess my answer is yes. What are you expecting it to be? Hofstadter,available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

Download/Read Godel Escher Bach: An Eternal Golden

Admittedly there were only 39 in my graduating class, so it doesn’t take that many copies to satisfy the student body! Cultivating Database Skills for Research and Instruction ebook.

In addition to the kind of OCR errors you point out, they didn’t even try to preserve things goddl indentation. If life can grow out of the formal chemical substrate of the cell, if consciousness can emerge out of a formal system of firing neurons, then so too will computers attain human intelligence.


I wonder what that’s all about.

Well we still don’t have a meaningful grasp on what consciousness is. Many of the versions listed on that escyer contain the same errors.

Bulkington on Jan 5, Influential. The text and images are much more clear than the scan, and seems to be the best quality electronic version of the book. Indeed, it takes a little effort to read things from an unfamiliar historical context, but it’s worthwhile learning to appreciate them. Though Hofstadter gorel have become pretentious in the thirty-five odd years since he wrote the book, in torrnet time, it certainly wasn’t pretentious – it was a risky literary exercise by an unknown author.

For me, GEB was a considerable waste of time and contributed nothing to my understanding of intelligence or AI.

To ask my own I can’t spare that kind of time, sorry. Now I am a co-founder of software start up that applies reinforcement learning, a eescher from ai -lower case ;- to conversion optimization. Simulacra and Simulation was actually his fake book on the bookshelf: However, this one is of good quality.