Han Jian was appointed chief coach of the Badminton Academy of hold of his book “Basic Skills of BADMINTON’, which he co-authored with. Basic Skills of Badminton [Ooi Lay Beng Han Jian] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Prepared for the Royal Navy in association with the Badminton. Association of movements of all the basic skills e.g. serve, return of serve, overhead shot.

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Let the handle point towards you.

His people took down my name and address in Hong Kong, promising to translate it into English and then sending it over to me. Han Jian appears to have settled down in Malaysia, probably because of his business connections. Hey Loh, Thanks for copying the whole tips from the link! Search this thread only Search od forum only Display results as threads. Finally the last badminton book suggestion that we will give in this particular article is the book entitled “Advanced Badminton Techniques”.

If you answer yes to both these questions then this is a must for you. Four examples of how players hold the racket wrongly.

Badminton Books

He was born in Liaoning, China, on July 6, As you feel your body going to the left, turn your body and bring your right leg across, or, lunge for the shot with your left leg to go for the shot.

EntrepreneurModern Nomad Location: The link is very informative and for a short time, I tried to get his book for footwork. It jan all aspects of badminton and is a good guide for those who want to learn more about the game. Shuffle, move your feet, skip or dance lightly on your feet depending on the situation on the court as you wait for your opponent’s return.


Jul 19, Messages: Unfortunately, there’s not many copies outside of Malaysia and Singapore.

Basic Skills of Badminton – Han Jian – Google Books

Are you looking for a personal badminton coach? I believe that despite his contributions to badminton in Malaysia, his application for badmitnon has been turned down repeatedly.

He has also been attached to the Pelikan Badminton Academy as its chief coach and is now promoting the game in other states. Sep 21, Messages: Loh, there is baic new book on badminton by Misbun Sidek, which he and his people were selling at the Yonex stall in the recent Thomas cup round in KL.

Transfer the body weight in the direction you want to go.

Jan 5, Messages: Yes, my password is: Use the skils leg that you use to take the final step to push back and go for the next shot 3. Body must point in the direction you want to go while your legs must be positioned in the opposite direction in order to push you forward 6.

Thanks for visiting us! A poor grip will result in you using more arm and shoulder movements to execute your strokes instead of using your wrist.

Share This Page Tweet. Players, especially beginners, may wish to benefit from the coaching experience of the Chinese singles maestro, Han Jian, who arrived in Malaysia in to become its national coach and stayed on to help develop the game in Malaysia for many years now. Hold it too loose and you lose racket control.


The V between the thumb and forefinger should lie along the top side of the handle in line with the shaft and the outer side of the frame. Don’t forget to bring your left leg close so that you do not over-extend yourself. It must be unusual because Misbun is quite a maverick himself. He also helped China to win the Thomas Cup on their first attempt in London in and again in Jakarta in Strive to incorporate every part of your body – legs, hips, waist and ankles – into your footwork. Xkills book offers great instruction for learning the basics of badminton in a well laid out and easy to read jiian.

Loh, I think the link is dead. He himself has contributed alot to Msian society in term of Badminton. Badmintn here for more I am still waiting!

Stay on your toes or on the balls of your feet.

Learn Badminton Basics from Han Jian

Roll the racket about 30 degrees anti-clockwise so that the V between the thumb and index finger move towards the left side of the racket. Without wristwork, your game would become plain and predictable.

The reviews it has baaic have said it to be one of the best badminton books around for learning the basic essential skills that are associated with badminton. To move fast, a player has to lose his balance fast and recover it just as quickly. Han Jian was a little man, but what a dynamo. His accomplishments include winning the following: