HDU – Kindle edition by India Lee. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and. Read HDU: A Novel by India Lee by India Lee by India Lee by India Lee for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. HDU: A Novel by India Lee. By India Lee. Unemployed, alone, and forced to move back in with her parents, Amanda Nathan’s idea of fun these.

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Move on and enjoy the ride, that is what I told myself.

But when I actually started feeling it. To view it, click here. Filtering Exclude erotica Include mainstream erotica Include all erotica.

India Lee Books

I got so sucked into Amanda’s story that putting down the first book and this one to resume normal indi tasks was hard. It’s a relatively good fluffy read. I know that Dylan was the nice guy who turned a bit douchelord himself in the endbut I was rooting for Jdu the whole time.

The stalkeraazi in the green baseball hat was a undia twist. Jan 02, Eya rated it it was ok. Meaning; she’s the one who shifts through the A bit of background- heard about this book on via twitter who linked the post to ONTD- someone had written a book about the website! Oct 14, Booknut rated it it was amazing Shelves: While her self-consciousness was understandable, I dunno, something about it rubbed me the wrong way.

India Lee Books

But alas, the wit and likeability of these characters, even douchelords, makes you really root for them. Like who is this guy? After I read the first 3 chapters, I skipped to the last one to read the conclusion and I easily followed the story it was that predictable.


The premise of this ‘ship is one of my favourite premises for anything, but I wish we’d gotten that a little more fleshed out, something I could get properly into!

HDU (HDU, #1) by India Lee

The character of Ian Marsh is kind of indka, and I say that because he’s just about the only character who is not a cartoon cardboard cutout villain who is allowed to have flaws. The people were unlikeable and judgmental to the point of caricature. A bit of background- heard about this book on via twitter who linked the post to ONTD- someone had written a book about the website! She sees it as a chance to make invia of her life and use his connections to start new.

HDU Series

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Only the men are nice super, awesome, whatever.

Their first meeting of one another It was a satisfying conclusion, and ended quite powerfully. I am a sucker for a good romance and this one just didn’t have enough Amanda and Liam time for me.

Megan, the icky, attention seeking ex-best-friend that you just love to hate.

At the end of the story it showed Ian and harper, imdia and her girlfriend the one who Casey stole her idea from and Liam’s close friend and girlfriend where they celebrated the news years together which was like a whole year since they Amanda and Liam made the contract in the house that Liam bought for Amanda for her birthday and where they celebrated her birthday. That said, this is not a terrible book. Out of the blue Ian found a loop hole which they could use to bring Casey down. This book made me laugh so many times, Liam and Amanda’s relationship buckled me!


Liam and Amanda might not be the “ideal” protagonists but they were real. Okay, just plain fun. And I’m not talking about the paparazzi – though they are totally crazy as well. Other books in the series. I like this book. I ate that up like a tub of delicious vanilla hxu

The drama felt as forced as the sex scenes. You screwed over your friend and then both of you screwed over Liam—and then even Dylan.

Mar 05, Marie rated it it was amazing Shelves: I’m surprised because I really want to read more, but I don’t know why that is – that’s partly the charm of the main character, sure, but I’m wondering if I think that because it feels distinctly like a series that’s – unfinished? Speaking of those, I was emailing you to let you know that despite the sarcasm throughout this email, I find your strangely influential website interesting and am willing to make a substantial payment to you if you stop posting negative stories and put a few nice ones instead.

Sep 17, Marcele rated it liked it Shelves: The MC Amanda is someone lew you couldn’t help but like and want as a friend because of her fierce loyalty. This bdu was like fictional crack to me, haha. I like that there’s a sequel because while this does fine as a stand alone, I think there’s more that I’d like to see explored. He’s acting so nice and normal despite the fact that Amanda’s put all these demands on him.