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What happens when you push on the power button?

Now it is not powering ON. Can I get ;avilion guide to where the screws go? The fan has four screws mounting it into the cooling unit, one screw is hidden on top under the black tape.

Did you install the CPU correctly? Thanks for your help! I have a couple of issues after re-assembly.

After following your guide quality I discovered that ;avilion cable being pointed to in step 10 is missing from the socket. This should take care of your problem.

It stays like this. I am sending you a thank you donation!

The part can be seen in this ebay auction. I can see them on my skype but does not record my voice. Proceed at your own risk. The problem is becoming progressively worse and I currently own a rock.

You might trash your laptop if you want to repair it quickly. It is not working properly and is very dark. Most likely your wireless connection can work with only disassemblu cable connected. Just the thing I hate about HP laptops. Can this be repair?


I believe this resoldered the GPU back to the motherboard. I opened back the wirelles and put it very good in the place, then screwed it back and putted back te wireless cables in correct position, but not ok. Maybe one of them is not connected correctly. Its battery is dead and need replacement. Any suggestions on previously posted problem? I have an HP disassenbly laptop with a broken screen.

How to disassemble HP Pavilion dv6500, dv6600, dv6700, dv6800

It cut off when I was in the middle of doing something. Another issue is with logonIU. This piece of plastic will not allow the cable to bent while you are inserting into the connector. Thanks I tried rebooting and it did open when I pushed it during bios.

I use a 3G data card for Internet connectivity often and I always notice that the data card gets hot and maybe the line also gets heated making the soldered point connecting that contact pin to the motherboard or something else melt and thereby resulting in the contact pin slide inward. It worked fine until two days ago, when the battery went out — Windows shut down. Do I have to add the artic sil to the pads or the chips?


I assume I have to follow steps Do you have an idea? I believe in your HP Pavilion dvem notebook the Bluetooth module mounts under the top cover. Due to busy schedule I was not able to get it replaced and was using the laptop on AC power every time. So the DV I have had only one year has become terribly noisy and the fan runs so loud I can hardly concentrate.

I use Seatools utility from Seagate site for testing hard drive. And it works on this DV! I have a dv, dropped a few times due to unsupervised toddler. If there is no problem with the graphics chip, the laptop should show the external image. I cannot see anything holding it but something around the trackpad area appears to be the culprit.

How to disassemble HP Pavilion dv, dv, dv, dv – Inside my laptop

I am having the exact same problem as Chaz. Can you get any image this way? I post you a photo of the Boot menu pressing esc at the very beginning of the boot, so I can take a photo: