Dear photographers, I purchased a bottle of Ilfotec LC29 because I saw photos on the web with Yeah, LC29 is the diluted version of ilford HC. Ilford Ilfotec LC29 is a highly concentrated black and white film developer. Ilfotec LC29 is based on the professional Ilfotec HC and is specially. I just processed my first film, a HP 5+ with this developer. As I don’t take a lot of photos and storing the used diluted chemicals is a problem to.

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Ilford HP5 Plus roll film Content 1 piece. Edited to add ulford dilution I use for Ilfotec HC: I use Ilfosol 3 now, because this is the only liquid one I can find on street.

Are both developers more or less the same? Wiesmier 10 years ago. Ilford PQ Universal ml Content 0. Ilfotec LC29 is based on the professional Ilfotec HC and is specially adapted for current black and white films.

VAT plus liford costs. Do you have any advices? Paterson darkroom safelight red Content 1 piece.

Whether beginner, ambitious hobby photographer or professional, we have almost all the analogue films available on the market Will try to post some images tomorrow. Over the many years of its existence, most of the formulation of HC has become more or less known to the industry, but the exact formulation is still a company secret. When we moved last year my significant other thought cl29 jobo tank and other darkroom material were to be discarded so she put everything to the bin my mistake for not watching over that and Ilfodr found out only a couple months ago.


Thank you Chris, I am currently stuck with a very primitive tank from the ’50s which leaks chemicals. I haven’t tried LC29 yet but almost bought a bottle of it yesterday. AP 35mm film loader Bobinquick Junior Content 1 piece.

Ilford Multigrade developer 1l Content 1 Liter. Everything for the darkroom – a good value home laboratory.

We offer a broad range of photographic chemicals of well known and specialized manufacturer. Tetenal Ultrafin T-Plus ml Content 0. Tetenal Neofin blue 6x 50ml concentrate Content 0.

Have you just exposed your first film and now you are looking for the right photographic chemicals to develop it?

I’ve been very pleased with it. Save Cancel Drag to set position! Find More Posts by darkkavenger.

Ilford Ilfotec LC29 liquid concentrate film developer 500ml

Paterson major focus finder Content 1 piece. Rollei Supergrain ml Content 0. Oxidation requires the ulford of water to occur. And to keep your analogue camera alive we do our best to have a comprehensive range of films in stock for you every day.


I’m sure people who have more experience than I can comment on this and maybe give you some advice. Just compare the two MSDS’s. Photo by Samuel T Payne.

HC same as Ilfotec LC29 or not? | Photography Forums

Analogue film is the beating heart of every analogue camera. It is easy to determine whether two developers are the same or similar. Skink74 Posted 10 years ago.

Kentmere 35mm 36 exposures Content 1 piece. This is the reason why the HC concentrate contains no water.

Ilfotec LC29

HC is a proprietary formula, as is Ilford HC. Find More Posts by sebastel. Our loss could be your gain. Tetenal Paranol S ml Content 0. Fomapan Classic roll film Content 1 piece.

Wiesmier 12 years ago. Your very own photo laboratory — in the past a personal darkroom was the dream of every ambitious photographer.

DD-X or LC | Ilford | Flickr

Adox Silvermax Developer ml for 3l Content 0. For photos taken in overcast conditions it is probably better to use 1: Find More Posts by ChrisN. Ilford Rapid Fixer ml Content 0.