View and Download Blueant Interphone F4 stereo instruction manual online. for helmets. Interphone F4 stereo Portable Stereo System pdf manual download. View and Download Blueant Interphone F4 manual online. stereo. Interphone F4 Telephone pdf manual download. Interphone F4 stereo Bluetooth motorcycle intercom system review. The F4 instruction manual clearly describes how to use all of the.

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I found that two of the wires were broken at the keyhole plug the one that goes into the helmet mounted part.

This is reflected in the opinions on sound quality and speaker volume. Prior to ordering the product, I did contact BlueAnt to specifically ask about mounting the speakers in my Shoei Syncrotec helmet since the helmet has indentations on both sides to accommodate the movable chin guard locking mechanism. But we have since found out that only 2 F4 can pair, I was wondering if we bought an F5 could we pair 2 F4 units to that so we could have 3 units paired and talk to each other.

Mannual distances in Europe may not require something like this, but in 4f America, you can ride for 8 hours and not even cross into the next state or province, so longer-lasting batteries are always desirable. They no longer stock either nor will they in the future. The Interphone F4 can also remotely control the MP3 player, depending upon capabilities of the player itself. There may be something wrong with your system — we have two pairs and they are very, very loud.

Poor tech support and service.

INTERPHONE F4 “MC” Series Bluetooth ® Motorcycle Communicators – Single (Discontinued)

I fully charged one battery and left the other as it was, partially discharged after using it in our evaluations. In this way all riders can communicate together. If the system is streaming music, it will be interrupted also for the cell phone alert or GPS instructions and will return to the music when the call is complete. I also should warn that listening to music may actually effect the way you ride, I know it definitely does for me! I would write like to write to the General Manager of Blue Ant but the only number contact they give out is the tech support number and they are useless….


There are a few differences like the helmet clamp, the place of the volume buttons, the more advanced speakers, and the AD2P technology. The microphone installation was mildly more difficult as I needed to be able to remove and fit the helmet without knocking it our of place, but that too was achieved within a half or so.

A major factor in this situation is that the navigation audio or music output will start, regardless of whether the Bluetooth link is active at that instance, so when the wireless streaming is enabled, the latency and switching delays cause the clipping or loss of audio; the link is lagging behind the real-time audio output.

Interphone F4 Intercom Review – webBikeWorld

Remember that this may not at all be an indication of the battery life you will receive under different conditions. Installation is easy once you learn how to disassemble your helmet. By the way, at about 15 feet away, the Scala system lost its Bluetooth connection, while the Interphone F4 still worked at a much greater distance without any loss mamual volume or sound quality, as can be seen in the video below.

Not sure if that is the best solution either, so I think the manufacturers are going to interpone to come f with better solutions. Even when higher priority audio phone or navigation become active, system switching is needed — so again, a slight delay is typical.

Don’t show me this message again. Please refer to the section Use – Telephone section.


It took some doing to get the speaker location right but since we used these helmets for intercom anywaywe had a hand up on 1st interpyone installers. And sometimes it just happens on a highway… Very annoying. Cell Phones Posted 8 hours ago Be the first to answer. MP3 file when the volume is set lower. I would think that steel conductors would last longer, but are not so conductive.


Blueant interphone F4 stereo Instruction Manual

Always check before purchasing. This wire had intermittent continuity as well, when the wire was moved at the plug. Got it, continue to print. Add to my manuals Add. I could hear them just as clearly as the music so tick that down as another selection criteria achieved. The first is the cryptic cheat sheet. We did confirm that a rider and passenger F4 system can indeed connect individually to separate cell phones and receive and make independent phone calls.

Some newer systems allow intercom use while charging, but Bluetooth 3. The LED on the module glows steady red when charging and then turns green when the charge is complete corrected from original version which stated there was no green light.

Parrot has the remote idea in their system. I just completed a miles trip and used the F4 at full volume all the time which was barely adequate at highway speed. They were a great help for me when choosing a new Bluetooth communication system. Cell Phones Answered 12 hours ago. We also paired the F4 with no problems to cell phones, MP3 players and a GPS system using the separate Sony Bluetooth adapter that turns any device with an output jack into a Bluetooth-enabled device.

To make a long story short, the way my helmet is configured and with the glued in cheek pieces, there is no way I can comfortably mount the system, which I passed on to the BlueAnt representative and asked to return the product.

Page 3 Bluetooth A2DP profile Wireless, water-resistant, windproof world class, the removable and rechargeable BlueAnt Interphone F4 Stereo Motorcycle Kit can be used at up to mph and is compatible with all Bluetooth mobile phones. Interphone F4 single kit components. It can hold up to 8 Bluetooth pairing connections in memory.