Islamic Laws – Mutahhirat» Introduction. Download file, دانلود کتاب, Current Legal Issues, A Code of Practice For. For a woman with whom permanent marriage is contracted, it is haraam to go .

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Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani Fast Facts

If a najis dress, which has been dyed with indigo or with any similar dye, is dipped into Kurr or running water, it will become Pak if water reaches all its parts before water becomes mudhaaf with colour.

March – Sistani issues a fatwa prohibiting sistanu Iraqi blood, particularly Sunni blood. And if it is a carpet or dress etc. If the exterior of salt-stone or something resembling it, becomes najis, it can be made Pak with under-Kurr islwmic. The foundation of this code rests on the principle that human beings have been given the choice to decide the course of their actions, and they will be rewarded or punished based on the choices they make in the life of this world.

Tap water which is connected with Kurr-water is considered to be Kurr. But, if their interior becomes najis, they will be Pak if Kurr or running water reaches the internal parts.

It is called ‘Wazi’. And if he does not provide the same, regardless of whether he is able to provide them or not, he remains indebted to the wife.

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If slush of ialamic or soap is seen on dress etc. Mudhaaf The water should be Pak. If one doubts whether najis water has seeped into the interior of soap or not, its interior will be sistanj Pak. Alternatively, if water is poured from above three times, in such a way that it reaches all its sides, and then the water which collects at the bottom is drawn out everytime, it will become Pak.

If najis sugar, or syrup is turned into solid cubes, or granules, it will not become Pak if it is immersed in Kurr or running water. Before his return he asks all Iraqis to “march to Najaf in order to rescue the city.

During Saddam Hussein’s regime, Sistani was under house arrest for sisttani years.

And when body or dress is najis because of urine, it must be washed twice even in Kurr water. January – Releases a statement urging Iraqis to vote in idlamic upcoming provincial elections but states that he is not endorsing any candidates. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger.

If anything becomes najis with the urine of a suckling child, who has not yet started taking solid food, and, as a precaution, is less than two years laes, the thing will be Pak if water is poured over it once, reaching all parts which had been na jis. April – Sistani’s house arrest is lifted after the US-led invasion of Iraq.


The Official Website of the Office of His Eminence Al-Sayyid Ali Al-Husseini Al-Sistani

If the floor which is made of stones, or bricks or other hard ground, in which water is not absorbed, becomes najis, it can be made Pak with under-Kurr water, but, it is necessary that so much water is poured isalmic it that it begins to flow. If Mahr is not fixed in a permanent marriage, the marriage is in order. And if the saliva of a dog falls into the utensil, as per obligatory precaution, it should be scrubbed with dust and then washed with water three times.

As a recommended precaution, water should be poured over it once again. These acts of expiation are practical obligations enacted by the Creator that begin the process of negating the deleterious effects of sins and even serve as a deterrent to future transgressions. Istibra is a recommended act for men after sistaani. If a utensil is licked by a pig, or if it drinks any liquid from it, or in which a field-mouse has died, then it should be washed seven times with running water, or Kurr or lesser water.

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Same islamlc the case if the body or dress has a little grease on it, which does not prevent water from reaching it. If the husband who is responsible for the wife’s maintenance, does not provide her the same, she can draw her expenses from his property without his permission. And if that water is not drained out, and it collects there, it should be drawn out by a vessel or soaked by a cloth.

If a dog drinks water or any other liquid from a utens il, the utensil should be first scrubbed with Pak earth, and after washing off the dust, it should be washed twice with Kurr or lesser water.

May 11, – Ahead of the first parliamentary elections since the defeat of ISIS, Sistani urges voters to learn from the past and not reelect “corrupt” lawmakers. And similar is the silamic, if a Pak thing is placed by the side of a najis thing, and water is poured on both of them. A najis thing does not become Pak unless the Najisul Ayn is removed from it, but there is no harm if the colour, or smell of the najasat remains in it.

Hence, if water is poured on all fingers while trying to make one najis sietani Pak, and najis as well as Pak water reaches them all, they will all be Pak together.

Hence a najis thing cannot be made Pak sisfani mixed water like rose-water, or melon-water etc. If a person performs Istibra, and also performs Wudhu, and if after Sistnai he sees a liquid discharged, of which he knows that it is either urine or semen, it will be obligatory upon him to do Ghusl, together with Wudhu. And if this is not possible, and she ssistani obliged to earn her livelihood, and she cannot take her case to the Mujtahid, who would compel him even by threatening him with imprisonment to pay the maintenance, it will not be obligatory upon her to obey her husband while she is engaged in earning her livelihood.


Muhammad Rida al-Sistani – eldest son. At the end, the bowl will also become Pak. If anything becomes najis with najasat other than urine, it becomes Pak by first removing the najasat and then pouring under Kurr water once, is,amic it to flow off.

July 13, – As protests sistami across southern Iraq over a lack of jobs and government services, Sistani urges authorities to address the complaints, but also calls sisttani peaceful protests. However, if he doubts whe ther he performed the Istibra correctly or not, and a liquid is discharged about which he is not sure whether it is Pak or sisyani, that liquid will be Pak, and it will not invalidate the Wudhu. The moisture which is discharged by man during wooing and courtship, is called ‘Mazi’.

It is Pak, and so is the liquid which is seen after ejaculation.

And as long as she does not fail in her duties, it is obligatory on the husband to provide for her islamkc, clothes and housing. Then the thumb is placed on the sstani, and the forefinger below it pressing three times up to the point of circumcision, then the front part of the penis should be jerked three times. Islam is the religion of mercy, and as such it provides a code of practice for every aspect of human life.

But if dress or body has become najis be cause of urine, it must ialamic washed twice so that it is Pak. Istibra is not meant for women, and if she sees any liquid and she doubts whether it is urine, that liquid is Pak, and it will not invalidate Wudhu and Ghusl. Click here to learn more.

This should be done three times. Similarly, the liquid which at times comes out after urine, is called ‘Wadi’ and it is Pak if urine has not reached it.