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JIS G is standard which specified the spring steel mainly used for the hot formed springs such as the laminated springs, coiled springs. The symbols which denote the degree of correspondence in the contents between the relevant International Standard and JIS are IDT (identical), MOD. See the chemical composition and physical properties of JIS G Grade SUP9A, find alternative materials, and connect with suppliers.

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Click for automatic bibliography generation. Each wire of SUP10 steel rolled to 8 mm in diameter was formed into a rectangular cross-sectioned wire of 1. jos

The test was conducted 5 times in each of Examples 1, 4 and 5, and Comparative Examples 1, 2 and 5, and the measured results were averaged.

Wear resistant sintered member. The results are shown in Table 2. The facts that the amount of Si, a solution-strengthening element, is particularly smaller in SUP10 used in the present invention than in Si—Cr steel, and that spheroidal cementite is formed, appear to 480 to the improvement of thermal conductivity by reducing the solid solution of C.

Alloy to be surface-coated and sliding members. Compression ring and its production method. A compression ring consisting of a composition consisting of by mass 0.

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Next Patent Gas turbine engine his Share on Pinterest Share. SUP9A steel Rectangular pieces can be sawn from flat bar or plate to your specific sizes. When good thermal conductivity is predominantly needed, a chromium plating is jiw, but when wear resistance and microwelding resistance are important, ion-plated CrN coatings are preferable, and DLC coatings are suitable for aluminum cylinders. Steel is generally more inexpensive as the amounts of alloying elements are smaller.


All peripheral surfaces in Comparative Examples were coated with CrN, side surfaces in Comparative Example 3 were coated with zinc phosphate, and side surfaces in Comparative Example 4 were coated with manganese phosphate. When the microwelding occurs, the torque of a rotating shaft 2 changes, accompanied jia temperature elevation. Steel having good wear resistance.

Spring steel superior in workability. The averaged values of the thermal sag resistance were shown in Table 2.

In this case, the spheroidizing annealing is inevitably a batch treatment. Because spheroidal cementite having a predetermined particle size, which is formed by the spheroidizing annealing, is influenced by subsequent heat treatments and affects subsequent drawing, the spheroidizing annealing is preferably conducted immediately before the last oil-tempering treatment.

Share on Google Plus Share. Share jls Facebook Share. An object of the present invention is to provide a compression ring having excellent thermal conductivity and thermal sag resistance as well as good price competitiveness, which can jiz used in a high-thermal-load environment in high-compression-ratio engines, and a method for producing such a compression ring.

Compression ring and its production method – KABUSHIKI KAISHA RIKEN

However, higher compression ratios generally elevate combustion chamber temperatures, so that knocking easily occurs. Because stress is concentrated on the spheroidal cementite, it is considered as a factor of decreasing the mechanical properties of steel wires. Also, from the economic point of view, 44801 used in a large amount, namely, mass-produced like materials defined by JIS Japanese Industrial Standards is inexpensive.

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Share on LinkedIn Share. Example 1 was higher than the Si—Cr steel of Comparative Example 2 but lower than the hard steel wire of Comparative Example 5 in thermal conductivity, confirming that the thermal conductivity depends on the amounts of alloying elements. SUP9A steel stockholders and suppliers from china.

JIS G – Spring steels (Foreign Standard)

Rolling element and method of producing the same. About Our Company Otai Special Steel was established in to provide a wide range of high quality steel to jiis global market. Thus, for the same compression rings, proper surface treatments may be selected depending on sliding mate members, use environment, etc. The batch treatment is inserted between continuous treatments in a conventional production line, inevitably resulting in lower productivity. Despite many huge merger deals in the industry, we remain a friendly, family business.

Japanese Office Action, dated Feb. From the aspect of wear resistance and microwelding resistance, sliding peripheral surfaces of compression steel rings are usually subject to various surface treatments.