This is the devastating opening of die Mittagsfrau by Julia Franck which won the German Book Prize in and was published in English as. Heffernan, Valerie () Julia Franck, Die Mittagsfrau: Historia Matria and Matrilineal Narrative. In: Emerging German-Language Novelists of. Julia Franck is a German writer. Contents. 1 Life; 2 Literary works; 3 Family connections Her three most recent novels, Lagerfeuer, Die Mittagsfrau, and Rücken an Rücken, as well as the collection Grenzübergänge, engage explicitly with.

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Frank’s language is somewhat unusual, not only has it a touch of the old fashioned stories from the Eastern regions of Germany, it is at times, and in contrast with the event described, poetic in its choice of mittagsfraau and expressions. For a German reader, many place names, such as Bautzen, Stettin, Pirna where Selma is taken for treatmentetc.

This page was last edited on 23 Octoberat The book is filled with pain and abandonment of all sorts and says a lot about the human condition; I’m glad I read the book in small installments. Learn how your comment data is processed.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. According to legend, the witch appears in the heat of day to spirit away children from their distracted parents.

English-German Dictionary

A few more years pass and Helene meets Wilhelm, a rich engineer work for the Third Reich who pursues her relentlessly.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. To view it, click here. Der stille Ozean Gerhard Roth. Oct 13, Jill rated it it was amazing Shelves: It seems to me that the nearer she comes to the final horror, the more she must rely on external circumstance rather than internal choice, and the faster she must move. I also appreciated the “hook” that Franck used at the start. This article about a German writer or poet is a stub.

The Blindness of the Heart by Julia Franck

She is now writing against a background of well-known history, and is content to leave it in the background. Literally translated the word means “midday woman” or “midday wife”, which, mittagsffrau would not have any meaning. Yes, s Berlin was known for its permissiveness, but I cannot help feeling that the author places Martha in the middle of the world of lesbianism, promiscuity, and drugs merely to illustrate the more notorious aspects of the Zeitgeist.


Isi abandoneaza baietelul intr-o gara fara sa ii spuna ca o face pentru “bunastarea” lui, doar ea singura crede asta.

As a nurse she helps care for her ailing father while trying to deal with her mentally ill mother.

The book is filled with pain and abandonment of all sorts and says a lot about the human condition; I’m glad I read the book in small installments The Blindness of the Heart is a dark novel that begins with a woman abandoning her young son then backtracks to show how life has rendered her unable to care for her son, even as she treats patients, as nurse.

Perhaps there was a smile? I would not want other readers to be led astray by Amazon’s marketing as I was when I first read it, and expect a novel about moral degeneration in Germany during the interwar years, only to criticize the author for not succeeding. When the two sisters gain the chance to flee to Berlin, they grab it and train as nurses, exposing them to the pain of their patients and also giving them ready access to drugs.

Jlia 23, Robyn Mittagsvrau rated it did not like it Shelves: Very good book; at times somewhat wordy, but that could be due to the German-to-English mittagsgrau. The question is also how so diw Germans could turn a blind eye to what was happening under Hitler.

Julia Franck, Die Mittagsfrau: Historia Matria and Matrilineal Narrative

Martha, the older sister is a lesbian and her lover, Leontine, is married to a man who is also quiet about the sexual politics.

Her loss of innocence is so subtle, creeping up on you slowly, so that you find yourself sympathetic to the cold, cruel even soulless mother she becomes.

Any political events or references to changing economic conditions, that give the reader a sense of passing time, are only hinted at obliquely. We are not clear in the beginning on the reality of the marriage, but see how Helene struggles with her young son as she works as a nurse, in conditions that continue to mittagsfru as World War II is ending The Blindness of the Heart by Julia Franck, which is translated from ffranck German, is a great read for those of us who only read English.

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Stettin Szczecinwhere Helene lived until her flight to the West was, during the Third Reich, a centre for forced labour and prison transports into nearby concentration camps. Peak District linguist writes on books in English, German and Spanish, on literary events and on translation. Of course, Helene knows that with the rose of the Nazis, things will only get worse for her.

May 11, Roger Brunyate rated it really liked it. Ein Tod, war, ist und bleibt ein Tod und die Reaktion darauf individuell und eigen.

A very depressing book Having stated this, it may imply that the novel would contain an extensive cast of characters, each making a mark on mitragsfrau generation. The novel portrays a vibrant picture of Berlin in the years leading up to the war. What annoyed me about the book was, firstly, the odd lines of blurb in the front cover – mittasfrau should have the bold warning ‘SPOILER’ at the beginning as it tells virtually the entire story of the book! Offstage, the laws against Jewish citizens begin to take effect.

The novel opens and closes from the close third ddie point-of-view of Helene’s young son, Peter. The word spleen was on Helene’s lips, but she didn’t want to say it, she just wanted to open her eyes, but Martha noticed and told her: As a novelist, Franck forgoes exploiting history but uses it simply as a one of the factors that effects the life of Helene and the decisions she makes.

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Martha’s voice was husky; with her other hand she drew Helene’s head towards her and pressed her own mouth on Helene’s. In the succeeding pages, jupia reader gains a glimpse as to what drove Helene to this most unnatural act. The Blind Side of the Heart stands on the other side: