“A giddy invasion of stories–brilliant, enigmatic, troubling, outrageous, erotic, beautiful.” –The New York Times Book Review “So brilliant. With the same narrative fecundity and imaginative sympathy he brought to his acclaimed retelling of the Greek myths, Roberto Calasso plunges Western readers. At once novel, cultural essay, mythology, and collection of linked stories, Italian writer Calasso’s newest is a buoyant, expansive narrative that.

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Also in Vintage International. What attracted her most was obscurity. With the same narrative fecundity and imaginative robert he brought to his acclaimed retelling of the Greek myths, Roberto Calasso plunges Western readers into the mind of ancient India. The story of the Buddha’s awakening is a well-trodden path, and Calasso adds little that is new.

During the wait, stories pariplavas of the deeds of gods and kings were endlessly recited.

The narrative wandered around like the horse. I assuaged my resulting feelings of being extra dumb by realizing it would be difficult for me, a mere mortal, to understand such matters anyway. About Ka “A giddy invasion of stories—brilliant, enigmatic, troubling, outrageous, erotic, beautiful.

Photography by Bruce Chatwinedited and introduced by Calasso. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. After a successful career in publishing he has become a leading intellectual. When the horse returned, it was strangled, and then the king’s first wife lay with the dead horse, its phallus introduced into her vulva.

Ka: Stories of the Mind and Gods of India by Roberto Calasso

Now my only choice is to keep re-reading it. Fascinating journeying through the book, I found myself wishing that it never ended, rather than getting to the end. Praise “The very best book about Hindu mythology that anyone has ever written…A magnificent reading of Hindu texts. She plunged from the Milky Way on top of Siva’s head, only to get lost, and spread out among the forest of his hair. Much like the puranas. Chapter VII describes the sacrifice of the horse, the “king of all sacrifices,” Calasso writes, for he who celebrated it became king of all kings and would obtain everything he desired.


Calasso was born in Florence ininto a family of the Tuscan upper class, callasso connected with some of the great Italian intellectuals of their time. He steals butter from his mother, and hearts from the gopis, the cowgirls.

He begins with a mystery: Es un libro que exige mucho del lector porque lo que entrega es un tesoro. He was arrested by the fascist militia after the assassination of Giovanni Gentile and sentenced to be killed in reprisal, but was saved by the intervention of both friends of Gentile, with whom the family had connections on the maternal side, and by the German consul Gerhard Wolf.

This is a noble aim in itself, but it’s not what I was looking for. In his most recent work, Ardorethe author returns to India for an exhaustive analysis of the ak and practice of Vedic sacrifice and its significance for post-modern epistemology.

Feb 08, Fulvio Tai Capasso rated it it was amazing.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Refresh and try again. It was great to read the interpretation of an outsider.


L’assenza precede la presenza, nell’ordine gerarchico. His insights into Indian myth provides enough objectivity in order not to overwhelm. The mind did not even know whether it existed or not. View all 4 comments. Another world civilization is surveyed in Kawhere the subject of the re-telling is Hindu mythology. An absolutely beautiful book- though has some moments I feel could have been condensed.


They are 2 of the mileposts marking the journey Calasso takes us on, one filled with colorful landscapes and characters as enchanting as they are frightening.

It was hard to see which was which. Consciousness slowly strangles life. This triangular relationship, according to this chapter, is repeated with different names in different stories down the ages.

Looking for More Great Reads? Roberto Calasso was born in Florence in The Parasite of Consciousness Calasso retells the Indian myths in this book, and makes them gripping, probing and mysterious. Retrieved 15 December Thinking the mind grew red hot. A part journey and a part myth Ka has stories within stories. Rating books on a 5 point scale is seldom easy, but this book takes the cake. Cosmogonia, guerre Mi ero riproposta di rileggere questo libro fra qualche anno.

We are experiencing technical difficulties. Immortality proved to be oppressive.

His more narrowly focused essays relating to European modernity are collected in I quarantanove gradini The Forty-nine Stepsaddressed to Pierre Klossowski and his wife; Literature and the gods based on his Weidenfeld Lectures at Oxford, on the decline and return of pagan imagery in the art of the westand La follia che viene dalle ninfe The Madness that Comes from the Nymphsa calssso of related essays ranging from Plato ‘s Phaedrus to Nabokov ‘s Lolita.

No trivia or quizzes yet. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. Calasso has undertaken the mammoth task of going through classical Indian mythology and effectively boiling it down to “sound-bites”. He has also studied Sanskrit.