such as fishing vessels, mobile test labs, transport vehicles, and vibrating production facilities. See: CS10 for the brochure. Price: $1, Product ID FD Infrared Moisture Determination Balance FD Kett. (This product is discontinued). Click here to view the alternative product. Price: Contact Request for. Moisture Analyser Kett FD Contact us for pricing, features and informations. IROM Italia, plants for the processing of rice and cereals.

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The also measures the uniformity of tempered grain prior to milling or the uniformity of a grain dryer output.

Moisture Analyser Kett FD-610

It is now the official standard of the government of the ivory Coast. Unlike Karl Fisher Titrators since no chemical reagents are used, only moisture is measured as chemical interaction is eliminated. The deodorizing filter reduces this odor. It 61 samples and reflectance and transmittance scan like human eye does.

This simple-to-use device allows the user to conduct accurate field testing of staticfriction on a variety of substances. LCD with back light Display character: Any type of lumber can be measured by simply adjusting dials on the face of 61 instrument for depth, density and temperature.

Two light sources are used, a red and a white. Kett offers high quality,accurate moisture balances that will perform to yourmost stringent expectations.

HUAYI Plastic Industry Co. 樺奕塑膠工業有限公司 – Inspection

The HG also allows selection between measurement of broadleaf tree woods and needle-leaf tree woods. Measured data Analytical curve data Input data for analytical curve calculation External connecting devices: Furthermore, depending on the sample type, unpleasant odors may sometimes be emitted during moisture measurement.


Whether or not there are damaged grains in a sample, the extent of damage and the ratio of damaged grains present can be quickly determined by placing the grains on the panel. In normal on-line applications, measurements can be continuously displayed. Factory calibrations areincluded that Understanding historical performance trends, cyclical rhythms, periodic failures, and the impact of changes in component, process, and environmental conditions permit the prediction There is a real danger, however, of harvesting too early or too late.

V-Notch Sampling Machine —Impact Testing This machine is used to test impact by cutting a V-notch sample with smooth surface under specified criteria.

All Kett catalogs and technical brochures

When the red circle of light 10mm is within the white circle 25mm then the instrument is mm from the object and at the correct measuring distance. It can also display a “quality rating value”.

To operate,place several grains of rice, wheat, barley or oats in thesample holder What needs to be tested today may be different thanwhat is measured six months, one year, or five years from now.

Our modern world is full of objects made of metals. Windshield with Deodorizer Model FW FW is a windshield for the infrared moisture determination balance FD series, fitted with a deodorizing function. Infrared Composition MeterInstant Non-Contact Process MeasurementThis simple-to-use device allows the user to measure the various chemical components ofvirtually any liquid or solid, without product preparation or degradation.


Kett offers a collection of standard features generally only available ktt highpriced units. This ration is used to determine the amount of constituents within the sample. To avoid unwanted things, please be careful kettt making a transaction. The Kett line offershigh quality, accurate thickness gauges that willperform to your most stringent expectations. Calibration was made against Oven Method which designated as an official standard ie: If youwish to place an order, or if you require Using theprinciple of near-infrared Constituents are calculated based on the transmittance of the light.

Specifications Sample size Power source Dimensions Weight 50 rice grain or more 4pcs. A battery compatible with the Sony 8mm video Handycam tm can be used. The Online Industrial Exhibition.

Kett FD Moisture Balance | Sumber Utama Kimia Murni

Also stored are the time the readings were taken and the actual absorbance data. Daftar Sekarang Hubungi For many years, Kett has been recognized as ,ett worldwide standard in ricewhiteness measurement. Distance indicator A unique and easily used system is employed to determine the measuring distance from the instrument to the object.