Free Pascal / Lazarus: SQLite Database Tutorials: Reports with LazReport. Free Pascal Lazarus Project – Sync’ed with Lazarus SubVersion trunk every 15 minutes – alrieckert/lazarus. jesus LazReport, two additional export filters – TfrImageExportFilter, TfrH tutorials/stringgrid ยท LazReport, added stringgrid/variables tutorial from German.

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The report designer can be invoked at runtime. If needed though, you can use one rectangle per field if you want to apply different formatting etc.

Personal tools Create account Log in. Now add some test data – the example here uses jpg files – into the PHOTO field with your favourite database tool. Do this for all variables; the screenshot shows the link for Hire date:.

The familiar text editor appears. To differentiate the two, the pazreport start with a space. Press OK as needed to get back to the report designer. Variant ; Var valley: Double-clicking on the frReport icon brings up the report designer. TObject ; begin frReport1. Integer procedure ; p1p2p3: ChangePrinter indPrinter.

Lazarus: Reports with LazReport

The LazReport components are not installed by default, they don’t appear lazrepoort the toolbar right after the installation of Lazarus. A filters package is installed in the same way as any other Lazarus Package; after restarting Lazarus, the filters usually appear as icons in the LazReport tab on the Component Palette.


To calculate the total for values of each page added to the total on the previous page, follow these steps:. The text editor will show up. In order to make changes in parameters, the developer can create an event handler for TfrReport.

Now let’s write the code required to load and lazreplrt or edit our report. The first line Name [Full name field] is obtained by writing Name and then, with the Variable button, entering the variable [Field Name].

Return to Lazarus do not forget to save your report, if necessary and set up the OnGetValue event of the frReport1′ component by adding the tutoroal code:. We’re assuming you already have your database set up as specified in SQLdb Tutorial0. LazReport has the ability to save the report displayed in the preview window using a user-defined format.

Now we have to tell the report you need to treat all data as binary jpg image files. It uses a visual report designer to create so-called “banded” reports. If you don’t see the field, you may need to set the form’s SQLQuery to inactive and active again to refresh the list of columns.


LazReport includes its own Object Inspector and a report previewerthat can also print the report at runtime. This export filter tries to make a text representation of a graphical report by fitting the original graphical coordinates into a more coarse grid where each unit is of “UsedFont” pixels, depending on the value of UsedFont value, the exported output may more or less represent the layout of objects in graphical report.

SQLite Database Tutorial: Report generator

ShowReport ; end. You can specify a condition that determines when highlighting is applied. Var Par1Par2: Where TheReport holds an instance of TfrReport component. This can also be done manually by including the export filter unit name in the Uses clause of the unit where TfrReport is used.

In the variable editor, let’s set a format. Tutoial these names ok? Click below to open the editor:.