charge enonciative dans trois genres de texts expositifs” (“The Processes of. Enunciation in Three Types of Expository Text”) (Itziar Plazaola. Le texte expositif, quant à lui, est une production dans laquelle les locuteurs créent une structure thématique (Boscolo, ; Britton, ) et fait appel à des . Les titres et intertitres sont des dispositifs de signalisation fréquemment utilisés dans les textes expositifs. De nombreuses recherches réalisées en psychologie.

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Understanding How Headings Influence Text Processing

As one important type of signaling device, headings are addressed within the SARA framework. First, when headings are expositiif to highlight the organization of topics in a well-structured text, they lead to better memory for that organization; in turn, better memory for text organization leads to better overall recall. An expository text of any length typically has a complex structure that poses substantial challenges to readers.

Headings that demarcate and label text sections simply by numbering them can be expected to have very different effects on text processing than headings that demarcate, label and identify the topics of text sections. Journal of Verbal Learning and Verbal Behavior 15 6: One central claim in TAM espositif that text formatting properties are meaningful because they are reduced forms of metasentences. Studies in the Pragmatics of Discourse. However, as in our definition, the only mandatory function that a title must fulfil is the labeling function.

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The control version of the text omits the headings but retains the topic sentences and therefore retains the same information content as the experimental version of the text. Both the advance outline and the headings provide the same topic-identifying labels for the text sections, but the headings provide the relevant label immediately preceding the relevant section whereas the advance outline provides the label generally far in advance of the relevant sections.

Improving Espositif for Prose: Contemporary Educational Psychology 33 4: These variations in headings lend themselves to different cognitive functions and can therefore be expected to influence text processing, as we will see in the next section of the text. Effectiveness of Highlighting for Retention of Text Material.

The Typographic Contribution to Language: Titles and headings are commonly used signaling devices in expository texts. Signaling as a Cognitive Guide in Multimedia Learning.

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An Essay in the Philosophy of Language. Van DijkT.

Effects of Headings on Text Summarization. This statement is a textte definition of headings that corresponds well to the implicit definition that most researchers appear to use, but it is demonstrably inadequate as a general definition of titles and headings. La HayeF.


Because the questions were easy to relate to the topics of the text sections, the topic identifying information was highly relevant to the task. Effects of Headings on Text Recall and Summarization.


Cahiers de grammaire Even within the category of topic-identifying headings, it is possible to identify several dimensions of variation in headings. British Journal of Educational Psychology 53 2: Finally, we address the question of what future research directions are suggested by our framework.

Headings, Previews, Logical Connectives: The Role of Schemas in Reading Text: Further, SARA offers a systematic analysis of the dimensions on which signals, including headings, vary and it offers hypotheses about how such variation may influence cognitive processing.

We sketch exposiif two possible lines of enquiry. In this section, we briefly present the major components of SARA with particular attention to its treatment of headings.

Discourse Processes 47 8: What types of information should be included in the headings e. Educational Psychologist 43 1: Their influence is achieved via at least three mechanisms. These different relations between headings within a set are likely to have an impact on the ways in which individual headings affect cognitive texe, and are therefore worth studying.