Once upon a time the Blood Sorcerer vanquished the kingdom of Elden. To save their children, the queen scattered them to safety and the king filled them with. NALINI SINGH New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author. Nalini Singh loves writing paranormal romances. Currently working on two ongoing series. Have you read LORD OF THE ABYSS? I wrote it as part of a series with three other authors, but it stands fully alone too, if you just want to ready.

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Her inflections are right, and characters are distinctly portrayed. It was definitely worth the pain I had to go through reading about Nicolai and Breena. Singh crafts a stunning visualization of The Guardian of the Abyss — black armor that covers him from neck to ankle, gauntlet arm with sharp talons, blonde hair with winter-green eyes.

I absolutely loved it. Sun-kissed hair, eyes of winter-green and skin that held the golden brush of summer even in this black place devoid of warmth, he could have stood in as the model for the mythical Prince Charming spoken of in childhood storybooks.

I loved Micah, he was sweet and honorable and oh, so frank about his feelings: Lilliana is the hated daughter of the Blood Sorcerer. His arrogance is adorable however. As a result, this most lethal of heroes is a virgin, but he is not the least bit hesitant or retiring when it comes to intimacy.

But the parts that wowed me?

The book as a stand-alone could be a fiver, but Bemused, intrigued, and annoyed at this homely little woman who dares to stand up to him, Micah cannot help but be drawn to Liliana. Mass Market Paperbackpages. If it were up to her, they would never have gotten together.

Lord of the Abyss : Nalini Singh :

The attraction between those two was sizzling hot and I enjoyed every minute of it. I love creating unique characters, love giving them happy endings and I even love the voices in my head. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.


Not that I’m complaining, but it did slow down the plot. Although it’s the 4rth book in a series, I had absolutely no problem understanding the world building or the dynamics between the characters. Other people might profess the same thing, but right at this moment, I love you more than all of those other people combined. This creative love story reminded me of a fantastical fantasy you read to children. I should have stopped listening and switched to reading once I realized the narration wasn’t working for me.

Contact me General question? I was totally captivated by the entire tale and as I read I felt somehow honored to be privy to their thoughts and feelings. Es lindo de ver. Lily made this book for me! This was my first book to read in this series, and I’m happy nxlini report that the great writing style made this easy to read as a standalone.

He made her feel hot and beautiful. Singj he had with the three oldest children, but not with the youngest…with Micah. For the full review, please visit The Romanceaholic. In Nalimiwhen I got the call that Silhouette Desire wanted t I’ve been writing as long as I can remember and all of my stories always held a thread of romance even when I was writing about a prince who could shoot lasers out of his eyes.

Her mission is to help Micah to remember his past and his family, because she knows that he is the only one who will be able to save teh Kingdom of Elden once and for all — and time is very quickly running out. It was a pretty interesting concept and world, but I think that overall it wasn’t really a very strong series despite the awesome authors who played a role. But, at the same time, she brings joy to him. I actually thought the scene of the reunion should’ve been more Click here to cancel reply.

And saving an entire kingdom isn’t exactly an easy task for one young woman.

Lord of the Abyss

Books by Nalini Singh. Now, while I liked Liliana’s personality and I thought she was a good person and perfect for Micah, I did have one problem. The last book in the series is about the youngest son of the deceased King and Queen of Elden, a powerful kingdom taken over by an evil sorcerer. Covered in impenetrable black armor, he is the Guardian of the Abyss and the Lord of the Black Castle, charged with dragging evil souls into the Abyss, and hunting them should they escape.


Thanks for telling us about the problem. Open Preview See a Problem? I really liked the brave Lily, who wins her way out of the dungeon with the promise of palatable meals, to earn Micah’s trust and help him to start to remember himself by giving him ‘tastes’ of his childhood.

He is basically an angel of death to those evil souls who spend their eternity in the Abyss. This is a Quickie Review. He is the Lord of the Black Castle, guardian of the Abyss who is charged with collecting the dark souls that ultimately end up there, and what he says is law or it will be the dungeons for you.

There is a lot of affection between them that made reading it such a joy. There were too many creatures, conflicts with them resolved too easily and too fast.

Why not 5 flames you ask? There is no one left alive to contradict him. For those who are wondering, yes you can very well skip to the last and still know what the fuck was going on.

Nalini Singh on Micah, the Lord of the Abyss…

Our customer reviews I read the book and I thought it was good, it had quite a few turns and twists. It made the hair on the back of her neck rise. He’s not what she expected, not at all.