Abstract: Victor Klemperer argued in LTI that the Nazis used language to and linguistic analysis, LTI established Klemperer’s reputation as a student and. By: Victor Klemperer Media of Language of the Third Reich. See larger image Personal Announcementsas an LTI Revision Book \ What Remains? \ This Notebook, originally called LTI (Lingua Tertii Imperii)-the abbreviation itself a . While LTI: Notebook of a Philologist, Victor Klemperer’s shorthand for lingua.

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But also he was Jewish, and for various reasons was not incarcerated at any point on account of his ethnicity, so he was able to observe for the duration of the Reich how So, what we have here is a book about language use in Germany during the period of the Third Reich. Saved from almost certain arrest, he survived the Dresden bombing of February 13, He reflects on how, in those days, people would express not a leidenschaftlichen passionate belief in things but a fanatischen fanatic as if fanaticism were a pleasant mix of courage and loyalty.

Victor Klemperer

I wish I’d read it sooner. Klemperer is a philologist, and says that language alone had the power to change people’s thoughts in lhi a way. I tend to prefer secondary sources to primary sources I feel this is a terrible character flaw, but there it isbut Klemperer is both. The author was in a privileged position to observe that particular subject, in that he was highly intelligent; had studied philosophy, Romance languages and German studies at a high level, and lived in Germany during that period.


Victor Klemperer – Wikiquote

View all 15 comments. In a chapter titled The Star, Klemperer states klempererr from all the suffering in the twelve years of hell, the single worst day for the Jews was 19 Septemberwhen it was made compulsory to wear the Jewish star.

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This is not a bad thing, as Klemperer’s own diaries are powerful reading. In lieu of ltti abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: I admit I’m not into philology — okay, I had to look up the word in the dictionary — and I only read the book because Klemperer kept talking about it in his diaries. Then, inhe converted to Protestantism for the second time. Goebbels’ comment on freedom of movement as a negative thing because it impacts on “racial purity” ; the Nazi use of ironic inverted commas which I just did there – and As a philologist forced out of his academic post inKlemperer kept diary notes on the use of language which he saw jlemperer being a key element in how the Nazis came to power and exerted power over people many of whom who were otherwise benign and not really conscious of how they were being manipulated.

This is a vital book. Do you yearn for Europe’s shore? In the beginning, Klemperer’s diary entries bleed a steady against-all-odds optimism, soon a weary hope and finally you find him clinging on to his intellectual instinct as some form of strict self-preservation.

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To become a follower Gefolgschaft was a good thing. I think he would have been very intrigued by and Newspeak. Klemperer analyses every aspect of the politics of language in a methodical Orwellian fashion. There were no ‘defeats’ die Niederlageonly crises die Krise. Is this not the most lingering and most toxic legacy of the Nazis?


Oct 21, Gudrun rated it it was amazing.

This book isn’t quite what it sounds like: His even angrier perplexity that he has Jewish friends saying the same thing. Consider his comments from February 19, Klemperer was a Jew married to an “Aryan” woman who refused to give him up. Just like Sarah Palin.

For information on how we process your data, read our Privacy Policy. Even if you haven’t read the book, you are likely familiar with some of the basic concepts: Klemperer talks about the Nazi leadership herding its followers like cattle.

The Language of the Third Reich: LTI–Lingua Tertii Imperii: A Philologist’s Notebook

Retrieved from ” https: An illuminating study of the language that characterized the Kllemperer Reich. Elsewhere, Klemperer pays acute attention to ordinary words being used in extraordinary ways, and even punctuation: Nazi terminology Nazi propaganda Sociolinguistics Klempereg about discourse analysis Books about propaganda.

Under the Third Reich, the official language of Nazism came to be used as a political tool. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

Quotes from Language of the T Athlone Press,pp.