Romanul Maestrul si Margareta este o uriasa punere in scena a doua lumi istorice cu totul diferite. In plina epoca stalinista, in care ratiunea exclude orice. Maestrul si Margareta Book Discussion. Maestrul si Margareta (Paperback) by. Mikhail Bulgakov. Topics About This Book Topics That Mention This Book. Destinul lui Bulgakov pare guvernat de acelasi amestec de satira, fantastic si tragism care e amprenta operei sale. Nascut la Kiev in

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This article is about the novel. The novel is influenced by the Faust legend, particularly the first part of the Goethe interpretation and the libretto of the opera which music was composed by Charles Gounod. Basically, Satan needs a hostess for his ball who must be named Margarita and must be a native of the place where the ball is being held.

Maestrul și Margareta

Bulgakov started to write this book in Nikolai Gogol is seen as an influence, as is the case in other of Bulgakov’s novels. It appears that Bulgakov’s devil understands that truth does not ever truly die out and therefore in order to spread a falsehood one must instead alter pre-existing narratives. The plot comprises two stories: Much of the novel is a satire on life in Stalin’s Russia during the ’20s and ‘ Rating: Yet, for all its literary brilliance and readability, The Master and Margarita appears to be a case of too many ideas mixed together.


The demons accompanying this version of Satan margartea comic or brutal characters, their actions the actions of forces of chaos. Her punishment was to wake each morning and find the same handkerchief by which she had killed the child lying on her nightstand.

The second setting is the Jerusalem of Pontius Pilatedescribed by Woland in his conversations with Berlioz and later reflected in the Master’s novel. Unfortunately, The Master and Margarita is not a structurally sound novel.

Maestrul si Margareta Book Discussion

Woland and his retinue — including the new disciples, Master and Margarita — travel rapidly away from Moscow, space and time rendering the buffoonery and mischief that they had perpetrated there irrelevant.

Critics believe Bulgakov drew from this extravagant event for his novel.

The unnamed Master is interesting in the way he displays both elements of power he is very self-possessed and knowledgeable as opposed to his asylum-mate Ivan’s almost manic temperament and complete lack of understandingbut he also seems strangely passive at the same time.

The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov. This facility is a government initiative, mzestrul on 26 March The Master and Margarita – Mikhail Bulgakov. This was based on Bulgakov’s last version, as proofread by the publisher.

The plot of Bulgakov’s masterpiece is hard to properly describe due to the comic and bizarre nature of it. He, along with several minor demons cause chaos to be unleashed before leaving and granting several individuals the wishes of their selfish desires. Margwreta best drawings were usually kept as the walls were repainted, so that several layers of different colored paints could be seen around them. Because the Master and Margarita didn’t lose their faith in humanity, they are granted “peace” but are denied “light” — that is, they will spend eternity together in a shadowy yet pleasant region similar to Dante ‘s depiction of Limbo.


The Master and Margarita – Wikipedia

Blind fools in their presence would cower. View all 7 comments.

The Master’s novel also covers this event. Trivia About The Master and Ma In he asked Stalin for permission to emigrate, but was denied because Stalin felt that a Soviet writer should never leave his homeland.

Valery Leontiev ‘s song “Margarita” wi the basis of the first Russian music video, produced in Fame, at home and abroad, was not to come until a quarter of a century after his death in Moscow in He burns his treasured manuscript in an effort to msrgareta his mind from the troubles the work has brought him.

There were portions of The Master and Margarita that I was quite enjoying, but the book never fully captured my attention. Why did he gravitate to the personal story of the Master and Margarita?

Margarita’s devotional love for the Master leads her to leave her husband, but she emerges victorious. In Moscow amidst the commotion We realize a somewhat strange notion: